Nolan North Is Writing a Behind-The-Scenes Book About Uncharted

Nolan North is one of the hardest-working voice actors in the business. His name pops up in the credits for all sorts of different games, but he is best known, deservedly, for his work as the voice Nathan Drake. Good writing and a healthy supply of wisecracks make it easy to fall in love with a character, but Drake is also very well acted, as fans of the Uncharted series will attest — their affection for the fictional swashbuckling hero is accompanied by an affection for the man who brings his voice to life.

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Raendom2375d ago

When it comes out, prove you bought it. I don't believe you'd buy it. Write a blog with a picture of the book and I'll believe ya.

BubbleSniper2375d ago

day 1 for the Book. Uncharted, as a new IP this gen is my favorite, tied with Dead Space.

miyamoto2373d ago

I didn't know he also did voice acting on Uncharted's biggest rival Gears of War!

MrSpace2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Maybe in his second book he can wright about his new found fame and acting career......HINT HINT

Michael-Jackson2375d ago

Interesting. I'll read it even though I don't read books.

multipayer2375d ago

Me too, not reading it won't keep me from enjoying it!

KonaBro2375d ago

As soon as the pre-order is up.

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