Actor Chris Evans Found Working on Sega’s Captain America Game “Boring”

These days, not as many actors get involved in video game movies. But Sega has had great luck casting its last two Marvel video games, Thor and now Captain America -- both of which are playable in 3D like the movies. Even with the lead actor, Chris Evans, not being interested in games at all, they were able to get the real Captain America to provide the lines in the new Captain America: Super Soldier game. Evans was able to talk about his video game work before descending on San Diego Comic-Con to give fans an exclusive first look at the movie.

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f7897902431d ago

Well duh. It's a bunch of short lines he has to read.

SuicidalTendencies2431d ago

“I don’t really play video games,” said Reynolds. “Is there a way to waste more f—ing time?"

Yes there is. Going to see one of your shit movies. That quote made me hate Ryan Reynolds even more now.

As for Evans, he's just not a gamer. Nothing wrong with that. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

Quagmire2431d ago

The only reason I like Ryan Reynolds is the fact that he's perfect for Deadpool.

If he wasnt being cast for that, I wouldnt like him either, and yeah, that quote is funny and ironic as hell.

KingSlayer2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Reynolds would make a great non-Xmen Origins Wolverine Deadpool.

BubbleSniper2431d ago

I heard the movie is great.

Shackdaddy8362431d ago

It was great. I just saw it. One of my favorite superhero movies.

MidnytRain2431d ago

Well, we can expect exaggerated and drawn out hate for this guy on N4G just for that little quote.

ChronoJoe2431d ago

Doesn't anyone else think it's a bit weird to have an actor playing several superheroes which are at times, within the same universe?

I don't think I could picture someone like Hugh Jackman playing any other superhero... wouldn't make much sense to me.

Magic_Spatula2431d ago

Fantastic Four is getting a reboot in film. So there's no connection with the current slew of Marvel flicks. Hence why Chris is able to be Steve/Captain America.

KingSlayer2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I wish they'd reboot Punisher with the actor from "The Watchmen". The Comedian.

In regards to the FF reboot, I hope Thing is CG. God I hope he's CG.

Hicken2431d ago

How much fun could it really have been?

Nitrowolf22431d ago

lol i think Sega needs to drop the marvel games, but i guess if they want a game out on time with the movie then sega is the team. Still, these games deserve so much better

Hicken2431d ago

Well, they could be worse... I guess. I haven't bothered to play a movie tie-in game... ever.

Nitrowolf22431d ago

out of all of them that i played this gen, only one of them i completed and didn't renturn to rental after 5 min and that was xmen wolverine. not a bad movie game at all

Johnny Jiron2431d ago

Bit of an cut up headline, but yeah I cant imagine after being the role of captain america (great fun flick btw) that reading some short lines for a cash in game would be fun. This isnt Uncharted which fully involves the voice actors.

newn4gguy2431d ago

Lol. I didn't see your comment. I agree. Naughty Dog makes their actors familiar and comfortable with each other. Many studios do this, but you just hear such great things from the Uncharted actors that it's hard to ignore.

Johnny Jiron2431d ago

Just read yours. Agree wholeheartedly. One who was never there from the get go or just not interested, only seeing games from sub par stuff like movie tie ins will never really fully get just how big games can be.

newn4gguy2431d ago

The problem is...people won't open themselves up to the medium.

Chris Evans is a respectable guy. This really doesn't have much to do with him. Reading repetitive and poorly written lines is boring to everyone! Maybe if Naughty Dog had made a game and cast him...he'd be more inclined to say differently.

You can't be open to something you don't understand. Video games are just like books or movies or tv shows. In fact, they may even be MORE entertaining.

Movies don't scare me.
Amnesia scares me.

Books don't make my jaw drop.
God of War 3 makes my jaw drop.

TV Shows don't make me buy special editions for $40 more.
Video games don't... wait...

karl2431d ago

right now.. whats being taken seriously that wasnt before are comic books...

im sure 10 years ago making a superhero movie didnt make much sense... ( comics are stupid ) people in charge im sure said...

and when a superhero movie was made it had to be directed to childs .. now they are being directed to everyone.. mostly grown up people..

im just saying but.. videogames will have their time in the future.. im sure some awesome videogame movies will come out eventually

newn4gguy2431d ago

I think I got the disagrees because of the special edition joke. Lol. Sorry, guys. I had to do it!

Still're right! And even still, comic books are looked at in a demeaning manor.

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