Uncharted Writer Originally Wanted Chloe Frazer’s Voice for Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher began as a Spanish character, the writer of the Uncharted series said. The adventure's female protagonist was originally conceived as "Elena Vargas," and originally, writer Amy Hennig wanted Claudia Black, the voice of Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2 to voice her.

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Kur02282d ago

Oh thank god that didn't happen.

Kran2282d ago

Chloe's voice is like... the anti Elena.

I just couldnt imagine it the other way around.

egidem2282d ago

Tell me about it! Elena with Chloe's voice????? Not only would it look very VERY weird coming out of Elena's body, it's also a bit eerie to witness.

Ace_Pheonix2282d ago

@edigem Well, I'm sure they wouldn't have used her current character model, it would have been all mexicanized. It probably would have been Chloe, really.

Mr Tretton2282d ago

"it would have been all mexicanized"


beastgamer2282d ago

what if chole was elena and elena was chole

LarVanian2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I'm glad how Elena turned out in Uncharted. I can't really judge what the Spanish Elena would have been like since the concept was scrapped.

MidnytRain2282d ago

Eww. Chloe's voice and Elena's personality don't line up right.

x5exotic2282d ago

I hate elena >.< she's annoying

2282d ago
Kran2282d ago

I'm going to pretend you really said:

"I hate chloe >.< she's annoying"

in which case, I agree a little ;)

x5exotic2282d ago

first i never mentioned chloe, but some mentally challenged people have to make a debate out of everything
elena is useless, not that much good looking and her character sucks ass...not that i'm saying chloe is a great character, hell even nathan sucks, but elena takes the retard cake
the only interesting characters were raja and flynn...and sully ;)

click disagree if you agree :)

MysticStrummer2282d ago

@x5exotic - Oh I see. You can state your opinion, and no one can disagree with you. Gotcha. Mentally challenged indeed.

KwietStorm2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

You can't say that around here. These people have a crush on her. But I don't know why you would say Nathan sucks.

x5exotic2282d ago

lol true :P
well i don't hate him but he's not that much of a great character :/ i mean characters these days are either super quiet pissed off or Date-like jokers or something in between, and only few are truly fit :S

WhiteLightning2282d ago female character in gaming

She's not a soldier brute or a sexed up character....she's just a down to earth girl and let's face it Emily Rose is hot :)

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