SDCC 2011 Cryptozoic Reveals World of Warcraft TCG: Throne of the Tides

Cryptozoic CEO Cory Jones revealed details of their upcoming products line-up for 2012.

The next expansion for the World of Warcraft TCG is titled Throne of the Tides. It will feature the introduction of a third faction with monster heroes and monster allies including some of the following races: Naga, Murlocs and Ogres.

The new Dungeon Decks will offer a unique gameplay experience. Some of the dungeon decks mentioned will be themed around The Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery, and Shadowfang Keep.

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Medievaldragon2375d ago

The monster faction sounds interesting. Wonder what kind of loot cards (pets and mounts) they plan to release.

ApexHell2373d ago

i think thats all people buy the cards for is loot cards, honestly i never see anyone at my local card shop ever playing the card game