SDCC 2011 Blizzard Reveals Mega Bloks Starcraft II Viking Preview

Blizzard Entertainment Senior VP of Creative Design revealed a work in progress preview of the StarCraft II Viking unit developed by Mega Bloks.

Mega Bloks recently announced a license partnership with Blizzard Entertainment to launch a series of World of Warcraft and StarCraft II LEGO-like products. Further details and a line up of products will be shown at BlizzCon 2011 through October 21-22.

The Mega Bloks Viking unit can transform back and forth into flying or land modes. A unspecified product sample will be available to BlizzCon attendees. Mega Bloks will launch its first wave of Blizzard licensed products in 2012.

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Medievaldragon2703d ago

I can see Terran and Protoss units becoming popular, but is a Zerg Mega Bloks possible?