Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary receives pre-order discount

An online retailer is offering a discount for the upcoming high-definition first-person shooter remake that is coming exclusively to the Xbox 360, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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aviator1892406d ago

Wow, at 29.99, this certainly is a steal. Assault on the control room, here I come again!

Cpt_kitten2406d ago

would totally take advantage of this but i hate waiting days for my game to be delivered rather buy it at target day 1

(ive always had bad luck with things being shipped to me 3-5 business days turns into 3-5 weeks)

Bay2406d ago

30 bucks? Awesome! Gonna go do so now (don't care about the costume and skull from Amazon, 10$ off is better).

aviator1892406d ago

Actually, newegg has those pre-order bonuses as well. :)

Forbidden_Darkness2405d ago

I'm just going to hope Amazon does this deal too. Either way im getting it from Amazon, my bro is paying for it anyways.

jdktech20102406d ago

Tempting....I'm excited for the game but with so many games coming out fall like BF3, MW3, Gears 3, Skyrim and last but not least SWTOR (I don't know that I would ever play it).

I'll probably wait until I get through the backlog of games I'll have this fall and hope it falls past that price by then. Good deal though if you don't have a plethora of games to play this fall

MasterD9192405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Good deal indeed but I'd like to have this one day 1 and not 4-5 days later due to shipping.

I'm still going with Amazon. Plus you do get that grunt-birthday thing.