Bowling reiterates no differences between PS3 and Xbox versions of MW3

Msxbox-world conducted an interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling who was very clear on the differences between the Xbox and PS3 versions of Modern Warfare 3.

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bunt-custardly2429d ago

There's almost always a difference. Why try and match them side-by-side, I'd rather the differences be present and have the game play to each consoles strength.

fluffydelusions2429d ago

Well at least MW2 worked on PS3 unlike Blops

zeddy2429d ago

ye mw2 was on a par in terms of multiplayer on the ps3, black ops was and is a disaster on the ps3.

Baka-akaB2429d ago

more like mw2 was a disaster on both , between bugs and hacks , for quite a while


I believe that there is no difference... They both suck!

Washington-Capitals2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Didnt play much of MW2 on PS3, but Bops on PS3 vs 360 was a farce. PS3 version even now has severe issues with host migration and frame rate issues.

jadenkorri2428d ago

Bops was just horrid on the ps3, i have no comparison to 360 as never played/seen. But i do have lvl 70 10th prestige on mw2 to compare. By far was 10 times better than bops. Only stopped playing mw2 due to some cheap ass mother f*cking hacker who cleared my stats along with 2 of my other friends. All i had left was level 70 10th prestige. BTW happened prior to the big ps3 hacked fiasco, i heard thou online got really bad after for mw2.

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MidnytRain2429d ago

But it's hardly ever a difference the average gamer should even care about. If you have to put the versions side-by-side to see the differences, you're nit-picking.

egidem2429d ago

I hope that MW3 turns out like MW2 in terms of performance between both versions. They need to avoid another black ops situation at this moment.

Disccordia2429d ago

So ps3 will have custom soundtracks and multi psn sign in then? Both features it can do but probably won't be in mw3. So not identical after all...

beastgamer2429d ago

Where is the map packs, huh, no maps for ps3 yet, that means its different. HOw is it the same if you got more maps
F the New IW and activision
Greedy ****


Actually I can't care less about COD but I believe you may have a point there...

I don't think the performance differences between versions is a big deal unless it's a bad performance making me not enjoy the game, and even so, it's not the difference being the problem, but the performance itself. If one version perform better than the other it's ok, it's still the same game on both platforms, the good experience on a platform will still be a good experience on another if the game itself is good. But the moment I'm playing a part of the game that you can't access, the game we are playing is not so equal after all. And if this part in special make the game much different, than definetely it's a different experience.

I'm not saying this exclusive DLC crap the industry have going on is a big deal (90% of the time it's not even worth a foot note), but if they are so concerned about reafirming that both versions will be the same, as they do to almost all high profile multiplatform games now, they should take priorities and the first should be to make sure both sides can enjoy the whole game.

MrBeatdown2428d ago

Exactly. It makes no sense to me why people think making sure the games are absolutely identical is a good thing, when the PS3 and 360 aren't identical. They're very similar, but not identical.

When you aim for making them exactly the same, it has to be developed to work on the weaker system.

I'd rather see the 360 version have it's advantages over the PS3 version if it means the PS3 version has it's advantages over the 360 version. Having both platforms benefit in different ways is better than neither benefiting at all.

IRetrouk2428d ago

hit the nail on the head there, dont think anyone could put it any better, bubs for making the best point so far.

joab7772428d ago

I will believe it when I see it. I know business, I know if u have a multi million $ deal w one companyy, whose console relies on a particular genre and its fanbase, now more than ever...also, i hope there's a beta to work out the rediculous number of bugs. They are not invincible any longer.

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dangert122429d ago

Such a liar.
360 version will get DLC a month before the Ps3 version if thats not a difference what is?

RaidensRising2429d ago

He even says this later on in the interview. Go figure.

StanLee2429d ago

LOL. Surprised the interviewer didn't call him out on it and embarrass him. I just don't get this DLC a month earlier thing. What's the point of it? It's just stupid.

trippyaaron2428d ago

microsoft paid big bucks to get timed exclusive content

Nate-Dog2429d ago

I'm pretty sure he's talking about the quality of the game in regards to things like gameplay, graphics, etc.

evrfighter2429d ago

im pretty sure treating ps3 gamers like second class citizens affects their quality of gameplay.

NukaCola2429d ago

Well with how much the PS3 COD crowd has grown. I mean, the 360 version only sold a millions and change more. MW3 will sell the same on both, I can guarantee the PS3 gamers will buy this just as much as the 360 gamers when its all said and done. Activision should stop crapping on the PS3 gamers.

Nate-Dog2429d ago

@evrfighter: Never said I agreed or disagreed with what Bowling said or whether I thought he was just talking out of his backside or not, just trying to point out to dangert12 what Bowling was talking about.

Pixel_Pusher2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Can you imagine the reaction DICE would receive if they attempted the same bullshit with BF3? ha And yet PS3 users continue to support Act/IW.

JeffGUNZ2429d ago

I am going out on a limb here, but I think he is clearly talking about GAMEPLAY aspects.

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TheMART2429d ago

Like they said no difference between 360 and PS3 version on World at War, Black Ops and MW2? Lol, over and over again the PS3 version was weak compared to the 360 version.

Same engine this time again, expect the same weakness as all past versions for the PS3.

Its better to leave COD anyways with that stupid paid Elite stuff and get Battlefield 3.

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The Meerkat2429d ago

The controller makes the 360 version better.

NanoSoldier2429d ago

Totally agree! The Controller makes the X360 Version superior. Best Contrl. ever!

NarooN2429d ago

I have no problem using the DualShock 3. Lrn2aim?

I like the 360's controller (way better than that old big-ass Xbox controller, but the Controller S was a way of life), but I have no issues aiming at all on the DS3. The triggers are the only thing that sucks about the DS3.

zeddy2429d ago

nobody complained about the ps2 controller which is pretty much the same as the ps3 one, but now its the worst controller ever? i've had no problems with the ps3 controller whatsoever.

kingslayer10002429d ago

i can aim faster with L1 and shoot faster with R1

jessupj2428d ago

Sure, if you like the joysticks on an irregular diagonal angle.

Most normal people like symetry.

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andslasher1232429d ago

I absolutely loved the duelshock 3 controller and people complaining why they don't like the DS3 are hypocrites whoever owned a PS2.

paintsville2429d ago

I have to agree with TheMART. PS3 version is usually weak compared with the 360. This is usually the case. Not bashing at all. Just stating the facts. Therefore when Dice says that they'll be exactly the same then I have to say, "I'll believe it when I see it." I just hope they don't cut out effects from the 360 version because of PS3 RAM problems or Bandwidth problems just to make the EXACTLY the same. IN the same thought I also hope that physics effects don't get cut out of the ps3 version to make up for xbox weakness in this area. You see what I mean? I hope that they make the MOST of Both systems. But it's likely that they won't.

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Inside_out2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

When Sony was in crisis recently with the PSN hack, it was Activision that came out and announced a Black-ops-PS3 bundle that did not go unnoticed in the world of gaming. A very powerful and profound vote of confidence from Activision for Sony.

Add to that the sales of COD on PS3 dwarf everything on that console...nothing even gets close, so the COD fanbase
is massive and if Sony ever releases any numbers of the online play, there is no doubt COD OWNS PSN by millions and millions of hours.

M$ pays a premium for the timed exclusive DLC because COD is the biggest thing going on XBL. The top ten has at least 3 COD games in it at any given time...well worth the investment on M$ part to make the XBL COD community number one. If you have 360, you get the maps first and that can not be understated.

Sony is cheap and still, after all their problems, ignores third party devs. Go read how the Batman dev had to chase Sony and practically beg them to have exclusive content for the PS3 fanbase with the Joker`s crazy!!!

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CGI-Quality2429d ago

You're actually wrong about Batman. It was the exact opposite, where Sony mentioned to the team that they were pushing exclusive content on the PS3 version of games. That's how Red Dead & many other titles ended up with exclusive content in the first place (one of the things you hear them say at events like E3 & Gamescom).

OT: I doubt that there won't be any differences, but I usually buy my Call of Duty titles on the 360 because I have more friends playing it there and I agree, to an extent, that the controller is better for FPS titles.

divideby02429d ago

yawn... this is like so old at this stage in the lifespan of consoles....the graphical diff is negligible and in motion when playing a game vs staring and looking for diffs..