President Medvedev wants Russian World of Warcraft

Most games have a pseudo-character, such as World of Warcraft, who do not know - it's an online game that is played by millions around the world, there is a destructive thing, but a positive start, connected with the development of one of civilizations - the president said. - I think we could create something similar. - Says our esteemed president

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tdogg060519912551d ago

to ever want to make a game. Intelligent idea too by bringing people in for a fun play and teaching them about history.

Tr3y_4_Li432551d ago

It exist already. Allods Online -____-

RussianGirl2551d ago

Unfortunately, our president is doing nothing, but speaking rubbish and playing his iPad. He has no political will or wish to make Russians' lives better.

Cpt_kitten2551d ago

kinda like the us president who sits in a room doing nothing then every morning goes out and makes a speech about change and blah blah?

InTheLab2551d ago

Actually, he sat around waiting on Republican House Speaker John Boehner to return his (the President of the United F'n States) calls. You'd think the national debt is worth at least a Tweet.

MidnytRain2551d ago

Attack of Google Translate. I knew it after reading the first line.

ThrazN72551d ago

instead of wizards they will have grey bearded bear wizards

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