[SDCC 11] The Darkness II - Subway Gameplay Video

Gamespot: "The Darkness II has you clear the subway in this video."

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deadpoole2581d ago

Who the fcuk was that midget peein on the dead body.

MrDead2581d ago

The Darkling's do that in the first game too. I just hope the game keeps the feeling of the original going, wont know till I get to play it though.

RyuDrinksTheDew2581d ago

the atmosphere and overall personality of the game is completely gone.

sad. :(

dead_eye2581d ago

That's just what I came on here to say:(

Think I might have to replay the first one now and mourn what could have been for the new one.

Blaze9292581d ago

completely agree. they should not have changed the visual art style to this. It worked for the first game excellent - why change? This game looks like a joke now

chidori6662581d ago

damn, i really HATE cell shading FPS...

RedDeadLB2581d ago

It's not so much the cell shading as it is.. more generic?

I mean, sure, you have demon arms to rip enemies apart but the game feels overall less "meaty" than the first one.

And there are too many sounds going off at once. I remember the first Darkness, you could HEAR the heart being eaten, blood splashes, flesh tearing.

All I hear is bang-bang, train, more gunshots, irrelevant screaming.. Tends to draw you away from the eeriness of the Darkness itself, the dark thematic, and from the horror aspects of the game.

It's going in a wrong direction, and that is towards simply shooting everything up and throwing people around, neglecting atmosphere and probably neglecting storytelling.

I just lowered my expectations.

thats_just_prime2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

obviously you dont know anything about The Darkness. It has nothing to do with horror. The Darkness is a comic book super hero so cell shading fits it perfectly. I well agree that its generic looking cell shading. It they could of done it in the style of Marc Silvestri it be bad ass

RedDeadLB2581d ago

I know Darkness is based on comics and I have finished the first part. It was a horror for me, had some scary scenes in it (that hellish place).

Cell shading doesn't fit the tone of the game. I would have preferred the look of the original game over this. Also, it doesn't quite seem the same game as it was. Just feels different.

thats_just_prime2581d ago

it feels different ? You know that cause you beaten the game already I take it. Thats pretty impressive give the game doesnt come out for a few more months

Cereal2581d ago

Kill +10
Eat Heart +10

Why was it necessary for things like this to pop up?

I hate these score fest games especially when they're just trying to copy Borderlands/CoD style where everything you do points has to pop up on the screen to pat you on the back and say how good you did.

Kakihara2581d ago

Agree, I despise that kind of arcadey bullshit, expecially in a game that's supposed to be about immersion and storytelling. Not only do they have point pop ups buts big glowing orbs too.