Is the 3DS sales surge in Japan a sign of things to come on Europe and US?

"Sales of the 3DS doubled in Japan last week, resulting in the system leapfrogging the PSP to go top of the hardware chart. But why did this happen, and can we expect something similar to happen in Europe and the US?"

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dedicatedtogamers2551d ago

What sales surge? From 20k units to 40k units? Hardly.

109876543212551d ago

That red 3DS looks cool. :-)

charmer2550d ago

of course it is shop up...e-shop, netflix, and nintendos tripple a was just a matter of time...its all fixed and still nt a year old..

Xof2550d ago

Sales would surge more if the 3DS had more unique titles. These ports give it a better library, but do nothing to increase the uniqueness of the library.

Conversely, Nintendo could (once again) increase sales by ignoring core gamers and focus more on the 3D and augmented reality stuff. I inadvertently convinced a number of people to buy 3DS' after showing 'em the AR games. Casual gamers think stuff like that is REALLY cool.