Kid Icarus: Uprising - Blade Walkthrough

Skedaddle to the castle and get out of the sky in this walkthrough.

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Rrobba2523d ago

One of the best games to make use of 3D. This will be a must buy by the looks of it.

Canary2523d ago

I'm on the fence. But I'll probably end up buying it since it's really the only "original" 3DS game coming this year.

I don't really get why everyone expects it to be so good. It's a pretty radical departure from the first game. I'm not sure if there's a reason for these expectations, or just typical fanboy "everything Nintendo does is perfect" foolishness.

MasterCornholio2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Careful with what you say. Mario Kart and Supermario are original 3DS games as well. But yes its good to wait till more games are out.

And i agree with you that many people believe that anything made by Nintendo is perfect. Nintendo just like Microsoft and Sony are companies run by human beings who will make mistakes.

Canary2522d ago

Right, but will Mario Kart 3DS offer anything new? Anything that you can't get from Mario Kart Wii?

Not really. It is just "more of the same," so to speak. The same thing with Super Mario 3DS, to a lesser degree. While I have no doubt both games will be fun, they're not exactly new and exciting.

charmer2522d ago

yeah target nintendo haters....doesnt take anything from their genius thats why everything they take time and make are great....they are the original gamers...they know what it takes to make a great game...period