Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Exclusive cinematic and motion capture

Yesterday was at Comic-Con 2 minutes of exclusive cutscene of Uncharted 3. Also, you can see how motion capture is done. There is laughter guaranteed.

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ps3bestever2218d ago

looks incredible but youtube is not valid source !

chidori6662218d ago

Drake look so old and fat in Uncharted 3 lol

Miiikeyyy2217d ago

Looks slightly odder and maybes a bit more podgy. But still, he looks well.

Quagmire2217d ago

Maybe they want to have Drake make a smooth transition into Nolan North, lol.

Miiikeyyy2217d ago

Couldn't help but smile all the way through, All the characters are so likeable and funny. Uncharted is one of my favourite franchises and I cannot wait for this game!!!

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