Nintendo promises to tackle software bottleneck

Nintendo has said it is tackling a production bottleneck to ensure third-parties are able to get software on shelves in time for the busy holiday season.

Earlier this month publisher Midway said that it was struggling to get product to shelves as a result of relentless demand on Nintendo for the Wii and its software.

But Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, has stated that the issue is only short-term, and that it's working to ease the crush as publishers move to take advantage of the Wii's success.

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sak5004060d ago

oh look MR. Donkey Kong himself.

TheReaperOfHearts4060d ago

that was a perfect comment !! lol

Silver3604060d ago

before I would buy a wii. Every time Reggie opens his mouth it makes me want to own a 360 and PS3. The two next gen consoles.

Rooftrellen4060d ago

And I would buy a Wii for $800 before I would buy a PS3.

To each his own, huh?

But just keep selling yourself the Wii is last gen. It'll never make it true, but keep telling yourself that.

kobonline4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

The hatred for Nintendo is so obvious. I wonder did you guys hate Ninty this much before they took the console lead.

I'm no fanboy, I have a Wii, 360, and plan on getting a P3, so i don't care who sales more.

You guys are losers, plain and simple.

TheReaperOfHearts4060d ago

well no one really showed fan wars like u ...u seem like a big fan boy that is supporting and tryin to create wars on pages wat the hell is wit u ? and yea i wouldnt even spend $ 20 on a wii cuz i dont wanna own a gamecube that just takes bigger discs !!with same old graphics ...and a plumber that never gers old...atleast show one game that matches a ps3 or 360 game? lol who r u callin a loser u nintendo fan boy like i been to yur house if u own or tryin to get 3 consles bet u only have a wii go play wii sports!!

Blank10174060d ago

Reaper, how do you play video games where you live? I was under the impression they don't have power outlets under bridges...


Rooftrellen4060d ago


It's sad really. It's always funny, though, when they talk about playing their little brother/sister/cousin's Wii, proving they play the Wii, even though they flame it.

+ bubbles.



+ bubbles

TheReaperOfHearts4060d ago

u give me whose takin the lead and all lets see who wins at the end...k

kobonline4060d ago

The hatred for Nintendo is so obvious.

None of your comments make any sense. I did say I was getting a PS3 eventually, did I not?

Also, before you get on any body's reading skills, learn how to spell and use correct punctuation...and/or use your spell check.

"holla" haters.

misterssippi4060d ago

I just dont understand Nintendos strategy. You know, most people are buying the wii b/c of wii sports. Hardcore fans are waiting on SSBB, and Galaxy. Metroid and Zelda are already out......The rest of the games are terribly lame. Petz, Bratz, its crazy. Most gamers are adults and want adult content. Its cool to make kiddie/family games. Xbox has them too, but you've got to have some balance.

Rooftrellen4060d ago

Most Wii games are for everyone.

Maybe you should check the games that are out or comming for the Wii before you say such things, like its all kiddy games.

Thinking like that, you're going to miss out on some of the great games this generation. You keep your eye on Bratz. I'll look forward to Trauma Center and Mushroom Men.

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