Three new Starhawk screenshots

Sony released three new screenshots of Starhawk 3.

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waltyftm2376d ago

Starhawk 3 ????

Never knew there was a previous 2, just the PS1 and PS3 versions of Warhawk

btk2376d ago

3 new *Starhawk* screenshots....
not Starhawk 3

Series_IIa2376d ago

If anything it should be Starhawk 2 since it was on the Vectrex...

DigitalRaptor2376d ago

Read the caption under the title!

Anyway, this game is gonna kick such a huge quantity of ass! C'mon 2012!

ViserysTargaryen2376d ago

"Sony released three new screenshots of Starhawk 3."

So where are 1 and 2?

BitbyDeath2376d ago

3 under the header "Added: July 23rd, 2011"

I'd seen them all before though

younglj012376d ago

Lol any1 else confuse about tha title?

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