Brand new Zelda: Skyward Sword Details

In a recent interview Eiji Aonuma revealed some shock new details about Nintendo's next Zelda title.

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yen8882253d ago

No Ganon!?! Still it looks awesome

iamtehpwn2252d ago

I'm actually pretty happy with that. Zelda's storytelling was its best with Majora's Mask--a game that did not involve Zelda, Ganon or the master sword.

Micro_Sony2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I really hope since this is Wii U launch title that they reboot the story and make it that it follows some time line this time.

I love Zelda and still own a gold NES cartridge that I will have buried with me when I die.

The story telling is great but I feel like they are so much unanswered questions like how did link become an orphan and does he have siblings - would be EPIC if they make it that Ganon is actually links father and Zelda is his sister : )

Edit: @below 4got about that...well the Zelda universe still has so much story to be told.

iamtehpwn2252d ago

@Micro_Sony--considering Ganon is Guerdo and Link is Hyrulian, I think that twist would a little awkward. LOL

AWBrawler2251d ago

this isn't a WiiU title. it's for Wii

TomInc2253d ago

Kinda makes sense as it takes place before the master sword was made I guess.... Mental stuff though! I like how the timelines are coming together now!

yen8882252d ago

Yeh it was all over the place and now it's all coming together so hopefully it will start making perfect sense

DavidBaller2252d ago

It makes NO SENSE! No Zelda = Irrelevant title.

TomInc2252d ago

Alright oO Calm down.. As K92 said.. She's in the game. Have you actually read posts on this?

DavidBaller2252d ago

How the hell can they call it "The Legend of Zelda" without Zelda.

K922252d ago

umm.... Zelda is in this game, she's just not a princess yet.

kesvalk2251d ago

are you warprincess on another account?

krazykombatant2252d ago

I'm interested in what they mean by the triforce isn't like it is in other games. In other games the triforce is just something shiny.

I kinda it had more of an impact in the game and have link use it or something.

Eamon2252d ago

No Ganon?!?!

Why Nintendo, why? He's only one of the most awesome villains of all time!!

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