Smurf Dance Party–biggest sell out ever?

The Smurfs are back this year and obviously along with their hit movie is a million and one marketing opportunities and gaming is no different with a Smurf game in the works for the Nintendo DS.

But now we are told that there is a Wii game coming, except that it’s not a Smurf game at all really it’s simply Just Dance with Smurfs instead of people.. and that’s it. It’s a complete sell out that

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solar2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

gaming in general is a sell out. sequels, changing old school classics like Fallout to the FP perspective, having Slurpee cups with Halo on them, gaming has sold out. its no longer a guilty pleasure of us nerds. and now we are seeing the monstrousity of it.

oh, i forgot how "accessible" dev's are making RPG's now. we saw it in the last few years with FPS's, now the cancer is hitting other genres. gaming isnt what it used to be. which was enevitable...

MidnytRain2499d ago

/NerdRant XD

Anyway, Fallout 3 was a pleasant surprise to just about any fan of RPGs or FPSs. I don't think the old style of Fallout is relevant anymore.

solar2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

the old Fallout formula was and is relevant to those that played and loved the old turn based game. but gaming nowadays is going after what works to make money, instead of innovating.

how many CoD's we see now? Tony Hawk? Rock Band/Guitar Hero? Final Fantasy? MGS? GTA? the list goes on and on. the best way for a pub to make money is milk what has worked before. and dumbing down is another big issue, looking at you Bioware/Bethesda, along with FPS's with regen health. gaming is focused on the casual unless you are an indie dev or an indie major dev like Valve. it sucks.

@ below, you think if Bethesda made Fallout turned base like its' predecessors, it wouldve been on consoles? no, it wouldnt have. the change was made for a $$$ reason, however i believe Bethesda did a great job with the conversion.

MidnytRain2499d ago

I really don't have a problem with games like Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy. There'll always be another one, you know? I just buy the games I want.

vickers5002498d ago

"the change was made for a $$$ reason"

And you know that for a fact and can back it up with evidence?

Fallout is MUCH better with a first person/third person perspective. I think you're one of the very few who would actually have it the other way around.

Takoulya2499d ago

I don't see how Fallout 3's FPV was a sellout at all. It was a very welcome addition to the series and made the gameplay much more fun. Of course, you could say that you hate all new games that aren't text-based because they are sellouts to appeal to casual gamers...

nCiTy2499d ago

I told a smurf about this, he responded: Man, I know way to many blues for any more bad news. xD

Hazmat132499d ago

NPH for the fucking win!

TBONEJF2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

This just ruined my favorite 80s cartoons show. I'm not even going to bother watch the movie. The Sega Smurf video game was better than this