Why Skyrim Will Take The Game Of The Year Crown

"With the release of Skyrim coming near the end of the year and the game having a playstyle similar to its predecessor, I have come up with reasons as to why I believe it will take the Game of the Year title as Oblivion did years ago."

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silencedwriter2278d ago

It is possible. We will have to wait and see.

midgard2272277d ago

dark souls wins for me. skyrim will be good too tho

LOGICWINS2278d ago

"Why Skyrim Will Take The Game Of The Year Crown...FOR ME"


RedDead2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

This, I like Rpg's more than other genres, so I am spoiled this year with Type 0, Skyrim(prob ma Goty), Dark souls, Witcher 2 and a good few others

Stealth2k. Oblivion had it's problems, mainly the level scaling, stiff animations etcEDIT AND The f***ing Flat boring landscape is gone thank god. Skyrim is a cutacross of MW and OB, with new features of it's own, it has deleted Oblivions problems or so bethesda say.

silencedwriter2277d ago

Why do people want to add the "for me" or "in my opinion" to the title? He wrote it, of course it means "for him". Its called an opinion piece for a reason.

The Meerkat2278d ago

Because Mass Effect 3 got pushed into 2012.

Danielmccue2277d ago

Mass efect can not compete with the elder scrolls now mass effect is going down the action game route.

They're different genres now.

waltyftm2278d ago

Going to be a tough one to decide, Uncharted 3, Deus ex and Gears of war 3 are a lot of peoples GOTY so far, Either way i will still buy Skyrim.

buttclown2277d ago

Game of the year is a stupid award. I don't even care about it

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The story is too old to be commented.