7.9 Reviews inFamous 2

Jay writes:

"I think that this game is still worthy of at least renting. If you’re a big inFamous fan, I definitely recommend picking it up, but don’t expect to have a tough, enduring game on your hand. Trophies are pretty easy to attain in this game, and could be an easy platinum, though. UGC will definitely add some replayability, but that is dependent on the creativity and dedication of the UGC universe. If you didn’t enjoy the first one, don’t bother with this one, as it is generally the same."

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Laypoof2371d ago

A little low of a score, IN MY F***ING OPINION

Redempteur2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Well while this reviewer has his opinion ... i really think his only problem was that his decisions didn't affect the story as much as would have wanted .. is it enough to give a not like that ? i dunno . the fact is infamous 2 improves everything the first had .. and that's just impressive .

the rest is really nitpicking .. he cites issues that exist in All the sand box games

Also the story isn't short it's short only his you dash through it ..And that's still 10 missions more than infamous 1.
You're supposed to explore , to power-up not to go straight to the end .it IS NOT SHORT

OsamaOnCrack2371d ago

little early dont you think??

rmedtx8882371d ago

What a load of crap. inFamous 2 is an amazing game.

kramun2371d ago

'Back in 2009, Sucker Punch and Sony released a new IP (intellectual property)'

I'm glad he pointed out what IP meant, I wouldn't have known otherwise.


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