Gran Turismo Prologue Video Feature from GT Channel

GT Channel takes a deeper look at Gran Turismo Prologue as shown to media in Tokyo. He walks viewers through the details of Gran Turismo Prologue, talks about the automotive relationships Sony has established with companies like Nissan and Subaru and takes the Lexus IS-F out for a spin one one of the new Prologue tracks.

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mighty_douche4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

best driving series going, a masterpiece!

vaan4055d ago

Gran Tourismo is king of the driving games. He noobed into that 1st turn like it was Ridge Racer or something. HAHAHAHA!

Heaven_Or_Hell4055d ago

Or Maybe the professional mode without any help is very very realistic and hard :)

Marceles4055d ago

Professional mode only makes the computer harder. They were already gone after he bombed the first turn. He just totally can't drive on the game...

Heaven_Or_Hell4055d ago

Nope the professional mode is all about the cars physics ! In normal mode the physics are just like GT4.

Crazyglues4055d ago

I've been playing the demo from Japan on my PS3 and it's pretty sweet.. It just baffles my mind why Sony would not release this on the USA Playstation store... Only God Knows why they didn't.

Shaka2K64055d ago

up with that i love beautifull cars gt owns.

HarryEtTubMan4055d ago

Man o man he really noobed that up. GT5 is going to be SO GOOD with 16 players online with 900 cars to choose from... the possibilitys are endless.