Is There Any Hope For Resistance 3?

Nobody can shut up about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Nobody is talking about Resistance 3. ...could Insomniac's shooter be ignored?

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refocusedman2524d ago

Resistance definately has an uphill battle. I think that the overall ratings have to be good if not great and word of mouth will have to carry it. I have realized no matter how good or bad CoD is people will still purchase it in droves. Its not the overall quality of the game it really all abt the name. The truth is that resistance as a franchise has sold fairly well but, if it want to crack a dent into BF and CoD it has to be a considerably better product just to sell 1/4 to 1/2 as much.

rbluetank2524d ago

i am getting R3 and Bf3. Mw3 can sit on the retail shelf as far as i am concern. the game is just spam warfare. some players go 85-3. they have 10 kills by the gun and the rest by dogs,bombers,chopper gunner and ect...... these people brag about their kills R3 is my all time favorite shooter... i can not wait for this game...

Silly gameAr2524d ago

Considering that this is the 3rd Resistance game and the series already has a pretty dedicated fanbase, I would say R3 will do just fine. Plus, it's looking like the best one yet, so there's no doubt it going to turn a few heads.

I'm sure Insomniac would like to "crack a dent into BF and COD", but honestly, what game coming this year is going to do those numbers, or even half? Might as well ask if any game released in the months starting from Sept up to the new year have any hope then. I also think that headline is a bit dramatic.

I believe R3 has more then enough to set itself apart from the other shooters and I think it will do well. Then again, I'm not a fortune teller, so wtf do I know?

xPhearR3dx2524d ago

Gears 3 will easily do half. Only other game I can think of that might come close is Skyrim, but somehow I doubt that.

Ju2523d ago

I can't wait for R3, I can wait for BF3 and I don't care about MW3. In that order. R3 will do just fine.

Holeran2519d ago

Already paid for Resistance 3, Battlefeild 3 is next and Modern Warfare3 is no no.

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