DRIVER: San Francisco Achievement List

Ubisoft is set to release its latest iteration of the DRIVER series in around a month’s time. For those of you who are going to pick up the game may have some interest to hear about the game’s achievement list.

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jbl3162549d ago

A fun achievement to get in this is "Show Off".

"Perform a 250m Drift or Jump" sounds like a fun thing to do lol.

Bull5hifT2549d ago

Ill buy it if i can save my replays.... Only that and the 60FPS and licenced cars make it enticing, DRIV3R burned me good though

hiredhelp2549d ago

8 chapters, hope there long ubisoft just burnt me with call of juarez the cartel.

Godchild10202549d ago

I guess those that want the platinum or the 1000G will have to buy the game new or buy that online pass. I'm Ready.... to see how this goes.

jessupj2549d ago

They require an online pass?

Godchild10202549d ago

There is a few online trophies that require the trophy/achievement hunter to get to level 38 online in the multiplayer. There are also some Public trophies, what ever that means.

jessupj2549d ago

Man that really sucks. Guess that's another game off my list. Real pity too, this game looked interesting.