Toy Maker Kotobukiya Getting Into the Business of Sexy Mass Effect Girls

Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya has already welcomed a few Comic-Con friendly femme fatales to its "bishoujo" line of beautifully sculpted figures. They started with superheroines from Marvel and DC Comics, but now they're moving on to video games.

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Bay2526d ago


Loved the Bishoujo line, have a few of them myself. I love Mass Effect too, so this is a MUST for me.

Cpt_kitten2526d ago

if you can call mass effect chars sexy......pretty ugly to me all of them

Anon19742526d ago

I still mean to play these games. I'll get to it, eventually....

xtreampro_REVENGE!2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Just to finish our conversation old people don't tend to listen to the younger generation even if they're right.

There's tons of evidence that 3D is falling so please go look for it yourself especially since others have provided links in the other article.

Oh and why do you have 1 bubble?