Seth Green Talks About Star Wars Rumors, What’s In Mass Effect 3

Seth Green is involved in so many geek-favorite franchises it’s almost hard to count: He’s on the cast of Family Guy, writes and produces Robot Chicken, does the voice of “Joker” Moreau in all three parts of BioWare’s Mass Effect video game trilogy.

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Kalowest2405d ago

Seth Green is the shit,he does an awesome VO and Robot Chicken is funny as hell.

Shield2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I agree! Seth seems like such a down to earth guy, I bet he would be awesome to just hang around with.

guitarded772405d ago

I don't know... E and Vince and Turtle and Drama got in a fight with Seth and his crew once.

Pozzle2405d ago

I don't think he's aged in over ten years. :O

biRdy2405d ago

He has the dream life of any geek or nerd.

gunnerforlife2405d ago

hes probs one of the few geeks or nerds that would be able to pull any chick ¬_¬

krazykombatant2401d ago

But hes a ginger, sooo I don't think he has it all good.

SageHonor2405d ago

"Fractured my thumb on the mute but i think i made my point"

dc12405d ago

Plus freak'en Bubble!!!

...ok, I cant wait for ME3.

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