343 Industries explains Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary multiplayer

XMNR: 343 Industries is remaking Halo: Combat Evolved with a new graphics engine but keeping the same gameplay engine in the Anniversary edition for the Xbox 360. However, the online multiplayer component is being powered by the Halo: Reach engine which has caused some concern with fans. 343's Frank O'Connor explains the reason for the change.

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Hufandpuf2435d ago

I think hardcore halo fans didnt like reach's armor mechanics (I did), but H:CEA will most likely be halo 3's multiplayer.

Blacktric2435d ago

Actually, they're simply bringing Halo: Reach multiplayer as it is to the Anniversary Edition. And as far as I know, armor abilities are included too.

StanLee2435d ago

I enjoyed Reach's multiplayer but I find myself going back to Halo 3's. Still play both, though I play Halo 3's multiplayer much more. Even 4 years later.

Inside_out2435d ago

I've never been disappointed in a Halo game...ALWAYS made with the most care from the soundtrack to the weapons...nothing like it in gaming.

It NOT a fully priced game which is surprising since it's M$ number one and two, all the features the game is coming with. This is an all out remake and I haven't seen other remakes put as much effort.

I would of liked a Halo 1 and 2 option as well. Make it a double disk if need be, I don't care and tie the first two games together...missed opportunity, after all, isn't it a anniversary edition for Halo the franchise. The whole last gen library should of got this treatment.

Cpt_kitten2435d ago

that's cool but i do think they should have taken the time to make at least blood gultch, sidewinder, battle creek, and (don't remember the name) but the ship battle in space....and have those as added bonus for having Halo CEA, that is one thing they never truely brought back even though Bungie promised it multiple times.

mcgrottys2435d ago

well hemmorphage is a remake of blood gulch, it is a part of forge world and it doesn't need to be changed. I however want another sidewinder. Also they already have images of battle creek.

Actually you might be confused, yes the game will use the reach engine for MP but they will have halo CE maps (at least most of them) they will just be able to work between reach and anniversary.

Cpt_kitten2435d ago

yeah, but hemmorphage is a horrible remake of blood gultch, i know it needs to connect to the rest of forge world but in normal game types the giant metal wall is so ugly and the beach front takes out the point of calling it a boxed canyon

mcgrottys2435d ago

i see where you are coming from, and I agree

MintBerryCrunch2435d ago

Halo CE will have the SP, the MP will have CE maps playable on Halo Reach, outside of co-op on CE, there is no MP for Halo CE

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lsujester2435d ago

I'd love for it just to be a prettier version of exactly what was in the original. But this just sounds basically like a map pack for Reach. Kinda disappointing.

Seems like a GameFly rent to me.

Urmomlol2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Wow, you're retarded.

thrasherv32435d ago

How so?

Considering you get a download code for the maps to play with the Reach disk it kinda is a map pack....that comes with a full campaign.

dkp232435d ago

Well the a full game comes with the Map Pack, so its not just a map pack.

Like it said in the article, wouldnt make sense to split Reach audience and anniversary audience since it would take players away from reach and also would take a lot of $$$ and resources to do.

lsujester2435d ago

Care to say how? If can add the multiplayer right into Reach, so why buy this Anniversary game? I can rent it to play the SP, then download the MP maps later into Reach if I want to play them. I then have all of the multiplayer, and have played the campaign without buying it.

How about you figure out what is going on before you call people names?

biRdy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

The Title update they are releasing in November is going to add some Halo CE Gameplay "Elements" Such as no Fall damage and stuff like that.

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