Another MGS character in Smash Bros

Solid Snake wasn't enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl's star-studied roster; a second Metal Gear Solid character, the uni-eyed Grey Fox has joined the fight! But unfortunately you won't be able to play as him...

Grey Fox makes his Smash Bros. Appearance as an assist trophy, which help (or hurt) the player that activates them but aren't playable characters. In this case Grey Fox turns up and does his ninja thing on whoever happens to be in his way (he did chin a Metal Gear Rex after all) and look pretty damn hard in the process.

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monkey6024055d ago

It's a complete shame he isn't playable that would have been great

Prismo_Fillusion4055d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't care at all who the assist trophy characters are? I wouldn't care if Master Chief was an AT, if Tails was an AT, or even if George W. Bush was an AT and made all the other characters choke on pretzels. Playable characters...or bust!

Some of the AT's are kind of neat as a throw-back to NES games, but that's it.

Rooftrellen4054d ago

I actually care.

It's like pokeballs, but more random. With what little I know, I'm already looking at how I'm going to be fighting (yes, I'm one of the super hardcore Smash Bros. freaks out there), and assist trophies can greatly change that.

I consider playable characters...and stages...and items...and pokemon more important, but after all of that, I care about assist trophies.

predator4055d ago

is this game as good as everyone is making it out to be?

TruthbeTold4055d ago

Wii or not, the graphics look amazing. The cast so far is great. The moves seem to be awesome. There is a full length Adventure mode now called the "Subspace Emissary" that is character specific. Gameplay looks great, and is said to be so by those who have played demos. There is a stage builder, with which you can submit them to Nintendo, and one will be chosen each day for download by the masses. Oh yeah, and Online Smash, Adventure mode with co-op if you choose, and a ton of little tiny features and details. Not to mention that they keep revealing more features each week. I'm convinced that this game will have years of replay value. Years.

predator4055d ago

cool, sounds good that, havent got a wii so was wondering what all the fuss is about, enjoy the game

djt234055d ago

why is his not play able i dont know but dammm

Skerj4055d ago

Think I might just be getting it now.

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