Should Telltale Make Jurassic Park?

Jurassic Park: The Game takes placed concurrently with the first movie. We play as a father and daughter who are trying to survive the hurricane, the dinosaurs, and the bad guys after that famous can of Barbasol. The controls are similar to Heavy Rain -- buttons pop on the screen and you click them to interact with objects, move around the environment and investigate.

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bwazy2556d ago

If they dont make it suck then sure.

ChrisW2555d ago

I'm not big on cinematic games, but I like Jurassic Park so I'm going to be hopeful.

vilnwv17012556d ago

How true that would be with all games:)

Pozzle2555d ago

A 'true' Jurassic Park game would be amazing.

Running from a T-Rex in HD graphics, being surrounded by velociraptors in HD would be amazing.


HD graphics would not make it a "true" jurassic park game at all.....

Pozzle2554d ago

...I never said they did?

I meant that a true Jurassic Park game would be an awesome game, as opposed to the crappy half-assed prequel we got given instead.

The graphics comment was just me saying I'd love to see the dinosaurs in HD graphics. Just because it would look awesome.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Sorry dude, I get you now =)

id picture a JP game as a Kind of 3rd person adventure game with a heavy survival twist, kinda like you have to kill and eat to survive on the island etc like really get in deep woth the survivor aspects at the same time looking on in wonder and terror at the dinosaurs.

That to me would be a JP game, not walking around holding down A to watch a cinematic movement.

rmedtx8882554d ago

The characters look kind of stiff and un-interesting and the environments look kind of plain... But then again I'm playing Heavy Rain right now...