Dead Air beta available in Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam today

As Valve promised, those who partake in zombie slaughter wholesale on Steam in Left 4 Dead 2 may now access an updated version of the original Left 4 Dead campaign, Dead Air. Beta access to Dead Air was promised as an incentive to the community for playing through the Cold Stream campaign (also in beta) and unlocking the subsequent completion achievement, Stream Crosser.

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ZETTA2404d ago

i instantly downloaded this map yesterday! OMG its awesome even though its the same one from L4D 1.

deadpoole2404d ago

The thing i dont get is ... if portal can be released for PS3 ... why the F they dont release L4D 1 and 2 for PS3.

Miiikeyyy2403d ago

I would love L4D on PS3.

ZETTA2403d ago

maybe because its hard to make the ps3 version?

for example, in the pc version in a single map up to 60,000 zombies spawn! imagine porting all of that A.I for the ps3 rofl.

deadpoole2403d ago

If u r implyin that PS3 architecture cannot handle couple dozen zombies on one screen at any given point in time ... then I believe tryin to explain you anything hereforward will be waste of my and readers time.