Our Top 8 Most Anticipated PlayStation 3 Exclusives

It’s no big surprise that Sony has been leading the console war recently with the large amount of exclusives it continues to deliver. We have already seen a slew this year with inFamous 2, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2 and Socom 4 and the future will only get better for Sony and its upcoming first party games. Everyone knows that Sony has the best exclusive lineup, so we here at Gaming Irresponsibly are going to take a look at the top PlayStation 3 exclusives that are coming soon to a console near you.

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agentxk2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I say you add Disgaea 4 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII and make it an even 10

thugbob2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Sadly versus 13 might not be a PS3 exclusive. :(

agentxk2404d ago

As of last reports that I heard, they wanted to keep it on PS3 exclusively to maintain the integrity of gameplay

silencedwriter2404d ago

Not sad for those who don't own a PS3

blitz0x2404d ago

were they bringing it to 360? I hadnt seen that

thugbob2404d ago

That's good news then.

SE seems to be going the multiplat route so I expected versus 13 to eventually be announced on the 360.

silencedwriter2404d ago

Regardless, Sony has the best exclusive line up

Arnagrim2404d ago

After releasing a few games exclusive to the 360, cancelling the PS3 version of The Last Remnant and jumping ship on Final Fantasy XIII after years of lying to their PS3 fans that the game was exclusive and would push the PS3 hardware I'd like to see Versus XIII stay exclusive just so I have a reason to believe in Square again.

Electroshocked2404d ago

I know we know nothing about it yet, but why isn't Agent up on that list? An espionage type game by Rockstar North that's exclusive to PS3, come on.

SnotyTheRocket2404d ago

Why do people say "it may not be PS3 exclusive"? Just because it's taking a long time to make, dose not mean it's not being an exclusive, just cuz XIII sucked because of the Xbox, dose not mean Square will mess up again.

dafada2403d ago

thats ff13vs official square-enix website......still says ps3 only and i hope it stays that way...

callahan092403d ago

Where'd you hear that FFVXIII isn't exclusive to PS3? Or rather you said might not be... but where'd you hear that? I had that about Agent, but not FFVXIII.

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guitarded772404d ago

I'd add

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time
Dust 514

to round out the 10 list... maybe White Knight Chronicles to make it 11.

princejb1342403d ago

i love catcher and clank thats definitely a buy for me, can't wait for the last guardian also, and of course twisted metal is a day 1 purchase=] I'm a happy gamer

Imikida2403d ago

Ya I think I'm gonna throw up!

remanutd552404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

where the hell is Sorcery sony ? im still waiting !!!! oh and my favorite exclusive game this year thus far is Motorstorm Apocalypse !!!! anyways a little bit bias coming from me lol , inFAMOUS 2 and LBP 2 have been great too , Sorcery sony , Sorcery so i can use my playstation move controller

Happythedog2403d ago

The new Motorstorm is a sexy ass game.

Cal6642404d ago

I am seriously tempted to get hold of a ps3 for the games on this list. Why can't they just make the lot multiplatform?!

2404d ago
omi25p2404d ago

Does anyone know if there will be a public resistance 3 demo?

HeavenlySnipes2404d ago

I remember reading an article here that they will do an open beta during early August

blumatt2404d ago

You can get the Resistance 3 demo from the bluray movie of Battle LA. lol That's how I got it. Good movie, btw, regardless of all the flak it got.

SnotyTheRocket2404d ago

People hated it because they thought it would be about the aliens, but it's really about the sqad and how they manage to make it out alive and destroy the main base/ship. I loved that movie.

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