Mega Man, God Hand's Gene were in final UMvC3 character pool

Gene from God Hand and Mega Man were in the final character pool for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but they didn't make the final cut, Capcom's Christian Svensson explained on a video chat at Comic-Con. He talked about all sorts of other details, and a transcript of the notable stuff is below.

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Sagetech2496d ago

Gene from God Hand was in very close consideration for UMvC3's roster. They had more characters in the final pool than they could put in the game, and Gene happened to be in that category. Mega Man was in the final pool of characters too.

Soooooo megaman didnt make the cut but Firebrand, an obsure enemy from Ghost n Goblins did? Capcom is either:

1. Really dumb or

2. Trying to build hype for the "BY FAN REQUEST MEGAMAN JOINS THE FRAY" DLC's probably both

(and on a side note YES Poison is transgender, if he/she werent then Capcom wouldve stated a straight out gender, you dont see Chun-Li being list as having an ambiguous gender)

Ddouble2496d ago

I agree with number 2 but still new characters need a chance as well.

Tito082496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

If that's the case, they should of gave a chance to Gene as well... Megaman is a very important, household name, well established character, and basically the face of Capcom (not Ryu like other people say in some places), I'm a fan but I'm not stupid, Capcom for me has basically the stupiest fanbase I've ever seen because a lot of fans have being crying about having Phoenix Wright who doesn't even fight at all only screams "Objection!!!!!!", Frank West??? please just because he got a camera with a baseball bat he's in it....

I know some of you wanted both in it and sorry if I was disrespectful, but there's a lot of potencial fighting characters Like Samanosuke, Gene, Sengoku Basara characters, Demitri from Darkstalkers, Red Earth, and characters from Saturday Night Slam Masters!!!! Captain Commando and Jin should of being considered too!!!! No Phoenix Wright nor Frank West for me!!!

Tito082496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I almost forgot, Powerstone, Tech Romancer, Plasma Sword characters, especially Hayato even if he's in MVC2!!!!

ChronoJoe2496d ago

Firebrand is from Demons Crest/Gargoyle's Quest 2.

Anyway I imagine Gene, Megaman and Gambit will be DLC.

_Empath_2496d ago

Gene is the only way I'm buying this game. "Very close"? I'm sorry Capcom can you please stop trolling for the love of GOD HAND.

Happythedog2496d ago

Capcom has no soul. I swear Gene better be dlc.

Michael-Jackson2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

"The following statement was very up in the air: If you didn't buy Jill/Shuma in vanilla MvC3, they won't be selectable in UMvC3 unless you purchase them. Again, this is not 100% and may change. Svensson was a bit out of the loop on this, so he said take this info with a huge grain of salt"

They are seriously thinking about it... milking every penny.

Yeah I'm aware that your Street Fighter IV/Super DLC costumes never made it bundled into arcade edition, so the 6 DLC for MvC won't be in as well, I'm OK with that but the characters too I'm not.

WTF Scamcom, Not buying if Jill and Shuma are still DLC only.

Ddouble2496d ago

Other people were complaining that why should others get it for free while they paid for it.

Either way they can't win.

Venox20082496d ago

GOD HAND game is AWESOME!!! and no one will change my mind! :) It would be nice to see him in a game