Interview with Hulk Hogan & Sasha Grey on Saints Row The Third

Gamertag Radio writes: "THQ sits down with Hulk Hogan, voice of Angelmania, & Sasha Grey, voice of Viola DeWynter, in the upcoming blockbuster title Saints Row the Third."

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rabidpancakeburglar2278d ago

I can just imagine the convergence of men to the saints row booth.

Micro_Sony2278d ago

Did not recognize her for a minute because I so use to seeing her naked.

nickjkl2276d ago

2:12 hey that asshole is wearing shades in doors GET HIM

LOGICWINS2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I personally don't think Sasha Grey is that hot. The reason shes popular and has won so many AVN awards is because shes good at being a slut...which isn't necessarily a bad thing though considering shes an adult actress. Part of it could also be that shes one of the few porn actresses to branch out to mainstream media like Entourage and The Girlfriend Experience.

As far as beauty is concerned, there are MUCH more attractive women in porn that are more worthy of peoples attention:

Priya Rai, Tori Black, Abella Anderson etc.

arjman2278d ago

Kayden Kross, Kayden Kross, Kayden Kross...

LOGICWINS2278d ago

^^Ima look her up tonight lol.

soundslike2278d ago

my god are you really getting in depth with the reasons behind her notoriety?

M-Easy2278d ago

Lol what is this news4porn now?

Nitrowolf22278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

that's not a bad idea lol

cyclonus0072278d ago

I'm confident that site would make its way into my bookmarks...

JadedWriter2278d ago

Please dude it's a gaming website. I'm pretty sure the sheer bulk of us watch porn. Some of us are more open to admit it than others.

JadedWriter2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Vanessa Lane, Courtney Simpson, Jandi Lin, Cherokee (Latin one), Ariel X, Mika Tan, Nautica Thorn, Riko Tachibana, Lily Thai, Clara G, Puma Swede, Andi Valentino, Alexis Love...

Bolts2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

You're right, Sasha Grey is not hot in a pure sex toy kind of way. What makes her popular is how intelligent and articulate she is while still being able to pull a gang bang like a pro.

She is a thinking man's porn star. Just watch any interview of her and you'll see a stark contrast between her and anyone else in the porn industry.

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trainsinrdr2278d ago

I could've swore I seen her before ... somewhere.

kza2278d ago

Yeah she a grade A slut lol

Mr Tretton2278d ago

Shitty in porn, shitty in acting. Where's the Apollo tap dancing dude when you need him....

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