Halo Anniversary video demonstrates how classic campaign stage Silent Cartographer was updated

Did 343 Industries do justice to the iconic stage?

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ChrisPriestman2436d ago

Oh man. Where's the buy button on this damn site?

Cpt_kitten2436d ago

oh the nostalgia that people (myself included) will go through, actually me and my buddy where talking about how we stayed up all night playing this 10 years ago and even though he has a family and us both job we are so doing that again

blumatt2436d ago

That's awesome, man. It's good to do a little nostalgic gaming sometimes. I started playing through Final Fantasy 8 (PSOne Classic) again to relive some memories of my childhood gaming years. lol

just_looken2436d ago

remember duke nukum if they keep it original it will be good but they might go cod style for sales.

antiAntag0nist2436d ago

This game looks gorgeous, so colorful.

ThePhuq2436d ago

That's how you do an HD Remake. Other developers should really pay close attention to 343. They put love into everything they do!

Redgehammer2436d ago

I agree 343 does show the Halo Universe tremendous love. For example, Halo Waypoint is a fantastic fan service destination, and 343 keeps it fresh and entertaining.