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gamekult writes : "The first set of Supergiant Games opens the Summer of Arcade a pretty nice way, with its shimmering universe, its absolutely superb 2D graphics, and fun and classic gameplay, turned upside down by a couple of good ideas."

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NukaCola2553d ago

Gamekult's 7s are like 9-10s. This game is great. I love it!

coolbeans2553d ago

Why can't a reviewer's 7's just be 7's? Perhaps they just review each game more empirically then the others. Seems like everytime a review enters that 7 or lower score, many seem quick to make that reviewer ACTUALLY mean it's a 8 or 9. It could've honestly been a 7, by today's standards, in this reviewer's eyes.

NukaCola2553d ago

They can, but Gamekult gives almost every highly rated game a 7. When you go to meta and look at tons of high scores with one in the yellow, that's Gamekult. I was just saying this means its a good score

Redgehammer2553d ago

Or maybe some people just like to affect the Meta scores? I am not saying that is the case, but I am playing the game, and to me it is a minimum 8.5, but more 9.5.

MWH2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

the game is scoring 8s and 9s and even perfect scores and yet some arrogant ass comes in and give it a 6 or 7 which aren't even recommended scores. the game is fantastic, enjoy it you dumb asses, stfu and stop swaying people away from it.