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"Preceded by Dead Money and Honest Hearts, Old World Blues is the third of four planned entries for add-on content. As with past pieces of DLC for Fallout New Vegas, Old World Blues takes place in a new location that the player will have to travel to. This time, they’ll be venturing out to the Big Empty (also known as Big MT) after examining the Mojave drive-in. From here, players are teleported to the new area where countless technological wonders and scientific mad men await." - JPS

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BubbleSniper2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Old World Blues exceeded my expectations. It takes a massive one all over the last DLC's except Honest Hearts, I liked that one a lot. I hope the last one

Is similar to this. OWB has some nice items, HARD enemies, very colorful dialog, pretty scenery, at least indoors, lol. It's refreshing and reminds me of the superior Fallout 3.

I say bravo on this DLC episode.

Only cons is some of the areas needed to be longer, more secret compartments or doors like in FO3. I'd also like to see a couple to a few more enemy variations.

MightyMark4272407d ago

Pretty much better than Honest Hearts or Dead Money