Skyrim Raw Gameplay Footage, As Good As You Hoped?

Most of the gameplay footage for Skyrim has had developer commentaries or an epic soundtrack over it, now a new video showcases Skyrim in its raw state. We notice a few problems with the physics at least.

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Inside_out2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

They have said that all the footage that has been shown is the 360 build...if that's the case, this game could be very tough to beat, especially considering it's an open world game.

Those guys porting Witcher 2 on to the 360 better bring their " A " game...these guys are serious.

I'll have to watch it about 20x just to make sure...

evrfighter2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I dont think Witcher 2 is gonna outdo Skyrim.

I mean it'll exchange some blows for sure but Skyrim is sure to be just too massive in depth, scope, and length. However if your one of those gamers that are complaining about fps gaming. You have no one to blame but yourself if you skip Witcher 2.

lookin forward to some skyrim 1080p 120fps gaming with some gameplay enhancing mods.

TheIneffableBob2552d ago

They're both RPGs, but they are very different. They're not really directly competing against one another. The Witcher 2 has a greater focus on story and decision making while Elder Scrolls V is more centered on action and exploration.

FanboyPunisher2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I'll take Skyrim > Wicher 2, played it game aint got shit on Bethesda.

Ch1d0r12551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )


Dark Souls > Skyrim

Ill take a bad ass game play over a boring dull game play any day.

BubbleSniper2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Xbox 360 build? not bad at all. I can't wait to have SKYRIM rolling on the highest settings, on PC.

on a side note: that Dragon scooping up that giant guy and tossing him away was hilarious

Bolts2552d ago

I'll be playing this on the PC but that is some very impressive visuals for the 360.

walken72551d ago

Have they released recommended system specs yet?

DanSolo2551d ago

That is good to see some people talking favorably about a different platform while still mentioning that they will be playing it on their platform of choice... pity we don't get more talk like that on here!

crazy example..

COD fanboy, "wow that new destruction in BF3 looks awesome!"

BF fanboy, "yeah and the new COD looks like it will be alot of fun!"

I mean come on, how hard is that shit?


@ DanSolo

you live in a dream world my friend.. but dreaming is good. It gives us something to work towards.

It is nice to see honest credit given once in a while when it's deserved.

as for the subject at hand. It looks great and I can't wait to play this. If those are 360 visuals then I am more then happy already.

roll on November.

theonlylolking2551d ago

Skyrim will suck if it is empty like oblivion and almost every character souinds the same. ME3 and witcher 2 pwn it.

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nopunctuation2552d ago

How come there is no gore like in Fallout? That was a great element that I hoped bethesda would include in a game where you are swinging axes at people.

NukaCola2551d ago

Fallout is about suffering, survival and salvation. The gore fits. ESV is about destiny, honor, and adventure which gore isn't needed. Don't worry though, there will be a Fallout 4 for that..and Rage

nopunctuation2551d ago

It just doesnt make sense that a bullet can blow a body to bite sized bits but blades in oblivion cannot even though they are clearly meant for goring. This game is aiming to be realistic and so far im not seeing it in that area.

NCAzrael2551d ago

Where did you get the idea that the game was aiming to be realistic? Last I checked, Elder Scrolls games didn't concern themselves with being realistic so much as being fun to play. If you really need gore to have fun, perhaps you need to talk to someone professionally.

Bloodraid2551d ago

Mythological Creatures, Undead, Magic... they're totally aiming for realism.

Johnny Jiron2551d ago

Just wait for the modding community to open this game up. Always a "More Blood" mod of some sort.

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just_looken2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

"They have said that all the footage that has been shown is the 360 build"

In other words expect the pc version to be a port and plays like fallout 3/nv ill get on ps3 because i know that will work out of the box.

limewax2551d ago

Fallout on PS3 doesn't even work to this day. If your on about the PC problem, its a simple code error that anyone older than 6 could fix with 2 minutes on google.

People love to overplay things really, However, all Fallout versions have crashing issues, but PS3 actually suffers worse. The fact that this is a new engine obviously has not registered for you either it appears

mastiffchild2551d ago

New engine, though, might wel mean MORE bugs than usual and you can bet your life that Bethesda will have us doing their QA testing post retail yet again seeing as they keep getting away with making us pay to do their sodding job. If outhink the new engine will run better right away than one they were USED to I think you're way over optimistic and they won't up the size of THEIR QA team even though it's shown to be too little time and time again. I've got ZERO trust in Bethesda in this respect as Oblivion was a mess on 360 and Fallout3 a mess EVERWHERE I played it(other versions of their games I can't comment on as didn't play them)-christ, they didn't EVER fix some of the mess in TES4!

'm looking forward to Skyrim but no way will I be getting it at release and possibly not for a long time and wait for the bugs to die out and for the DLC inclusive GOT edition next summer. I think it's fair enough, at this point, to be suspect about the quality we're likely to get day one on the disc seeing as their gams NEVER work properly when e first get our hands on them and it's a shockingly slap dash way of working and it amazes me it hasn't done them more harm to their brand. God job people like their games as when they DO mnake a duffer that also fails to work there WILL be hell to pay(IMO FO3 wasn't very good, mind, but everyone else had seemingly either never played the original games or forgot how great they and their atmosphere was and LOVED FO3!).

Lazy_Sunday2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I think it looks better than ever.
This is all alpha footage, the footage shot is the footage shared for E3, when they were only showing off their alpha build from several months prior. The majority of the sounds that you heard have yet to be implemented correctly (like the feet clacking) or aren't implemented at all. The video was meant to have a soundtrack over it for the lack of ambient noise and such, just remembering Morrowind and Oblivion.

The Witcher 2 and TES do not compete. Skyrim will annihilate it. Why? Because The Witcher 2 isn't Skyrim, and the combat system for the Witcher 2 isn't more real-time than cinematic. Now, people like the Witcher 2, and people will purchase the Witcher 2, but more people will buy Skyrim.
Because it's fucking SKYRIM.

Bull5hifT2551d ago

sources Proving its 360 or GTFO!

NCAzrael2551d ago

Hate to say it, dude, but all videos we've seen so far are from the 360. But seriously, why complain about that? If it looks this good on the 360 I can only imagine how awesome it's going to look on the PC. And we finally have a console game that actually looks comparable to most PC games now days. With graphics and performance of that high of quality, the only things the console version of Skyrim are missing are keyboard and mouse support and the ability to install mods, making Skyrim that close to the perfect example of gaming utopia.

Bull5hifT2551d ago

Unreal Tornament 3 has Mouse Keyboard Support and Mods only on PS3 ;) .... Ironic Heh RROD FTMFW,... I gonna google the hell out if this is true, just cause you can hook up a 360 controller doesnt make it 360 Footage

Adam21012551d ago

they arent gona punk you or us by saying its Xbox and its in reality on PC or PS3.
they will lose credibility.

besides the 360 can do some great graphics! don't always hate,

the developers of skyrim are that good on making a great graphical game ,and they are not lazy like others ( A LA Crackdown 2 )

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SilentNegotiator2551d ago

I'd voice my opinion about the game not looking that great, but I know the type of fanbase I'd be dealing with....


JsonHenry2551d ago

If this is a console build I can't wait to see the PC version in action. Looks good!

Adam21012551d ago

i have Witcher 2 on pc, the graphics are awesome, and the story is good.

in witcher the world is big but the maps are small, small loading times and you can't wonder as you like.

in skyrim its different , youll play the game different.

xAlmostPro2551d ago

Looks better than i hoped, a few cases of slight sceen tearing if im not mistaken however still looks amazing! can't wait to play the full release :D

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bwazy2552d ago

When I have the final retail release flowing through my gaming PC on max everything.

Then I will be appoint.

HeavenlySnipes2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

horse he was riding looked like a bear lol

@ 1 min, the horse he's riding is so damn huge lol

OhMyGandhi2552d ago

quite a chunky horse indeed.

Yukicore2551d ago

Guys, horses back in the days were larger. This horse looks pretty fat, but it doesn't look that bad.

FragMnTagM2551d ago

@yukicore, not to mention that it is a Nordic horse as well. They have to be bigger in order to hold a Nordic

TekoIie2551d ago

I assume no ones ever heard of a warhorse breed... and no that is not mythology

NCAzrael2551d ago

It's a draft horse. They're bigger because they usually pull heavy wagons. Also keep in mind that Skyrim is a mostly arctic region, meaning that most wildlife will either have heavy coats of fur, or will be a bit fatter than their warm weather counterparts.

Cpt_kitten2552d ago

as good as i hoped? 20 times better i can't wait for this to take 300+ hours of my life

KING_KAI2551d ago

hahaah selling your life away or what :)

Cpt_kitten2551d ago

haha id prefer to go with willing giving away, but for any elder scrolls its so worth it

KING_KAI2551d ago

what settings do you think i can run this at?
i have
phenom quad core 3.1ghz 8 mb cache black edition
4gb gddr3 ram (1333Mhz)
RADEON HD6850 1gb ddr5

ChrisPriestman2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

At least on high, possibly ultra high. My rig is just a little better than yours, only marginally, and I can run The Witcher 2 on high no problem. Ultra high has a little frame lag at times.

But I am guessing that as The Witcher 2 is one of the best looking games around, whereas Skyrim is that much bigger, ultra high is probably going to be a possibility. Although, I do run 8Gb of ram, that is the major difference between our two rigs.

KING_KAI2551d ago

i agree tbh i was hoping for high settings on battlefield 3. since my tv is only 1360x768 or something like that i wont need to go full hd which will be me some extra frames. 8gig!! im jealous but you can only go as far as your pocket. when this starts chugging along ill just add another gpu since my mobo can handle sli. :)

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Ser2552d ago

Looks GREAT! This is by far my most anticipated game of 2011. (Unless Guild Wars 2 gets a pop-announcement.)