Column: N'Gai Croal

From Bungie's Lips to Phil Harrison's Ears - the parallels between Bungie's Forge and Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet have been rattling around in N'Gai Croal's head ever since Bungie announced the feature.

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mighty_douche4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

comparing Forge and LBP, thats like comparing a gold fish to a shark.

forge is a map editor, a basic one at that, it doesnt even allow you to upload your map to the public, you cant search for custom forge maps unless it is one of your friends etc etc.

LBP, IS user generated content, not user modified content like forge.

zapass4056d ago

A gross pathetic joke. Seriously, ngal who??? how did this buffoon manage to creep up here coming from (LOL) Wired? N4g is going way down, I thought we did not tolerate corporate cokroaches disguised as 'gaming pundits' anymore? Fock that dork.

mesh14056d ago

amazing article rom this dude he is makes a good point.

Vojkan4056d ago

this is a joke wright? Unreal Tournament editor PAWNS Forge any time, any where! Not to mention LBP
Ridiculous, some times i can't believe what i read, from this so called "experts" of the industry.

okcomputer4056d ago

The whole point of the forge was to be simple. Comparing it to deeper more complex editors like ut's defeats the purpose. Forge was made so that any random player regardless of experience w/ map editors could pick it up and have fun w/ it. Its was supposed to be simple and I like that approach.

Although I have no interest in lbp, in order to succeed w/ the casual gamers its likely to attract, lbp also has to be extremely simple and easy to use, just like forge. Thats what the article was basically saying when it pointed out the similarities. I usually like what this croal guy has to say (he did a great post e3 killzone article) and this article was no exception.

eagle214056d ago

the worst, plus scary, plus surreal b.s. out here. This is a joke.

ps3gogetitt4056d ago

You guys are such fanboys, It's very good article about game 3.0 and waht the future holds, it's time you guys grow up and be adults, well unless you're a 13 or younger then you have a very very long way to go before you escape the realm of fanboyism.....

It's an article for adults with adult understanding so it's not always about fanboys or for fanboys.

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