Bastion Review- Arcade Wednesday

Bastion is the first game to kick off Summer of Arcade.

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wwm0nkey2525d ago

Absolutely AMAZING game.

Raven_Nomad2525d ago

Worth every penny. Such a unique title. Love the narration that goes on with the game.

wwm0nkey2525d ago

Dont forget the soundtrack. When you first hear Zia's god, my jaw hit the floor!

Active Reload2525d ago

The narrative is like Sin City and it also kind of reminds me of Afro Samurai.

thenickel2525d ago

Yeah I'm digging the narrative. Also I'm looking forward to the next two Summer of Arcade titles.

Average_Joe2525d ago

I'm enjoying the game more then I did Limbo last year. I think this type of arcade game has the opportunity to reach a much larger fanbase. All of the XBL arcade summer titles look fantastic!

Cereal2525d ago

Too bad Microsoft doesn't have a Summer of Retail Games.

Bricks2525d ago

Too bad Sony doesnt either.

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