Will Netflix Incorporate Game Rentals?

GamerFitNation talks about the potential battle for the game rental market between Netflix and Redbox. "This is not an article trying to trick you by any means necessary. Its a simple discussion that I hope you will all enjoy and participate in. Read below to see my thoughts on the future battle of the gaming rental business between RedBox and Netflix."

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Inside_out2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I think they stepped in it with the ridiculous price hike. The only reason it became popular was because it was relatively cheap and seemed fair...not anymore.

The money has gone to their head. You know what they say...power corrupts and wanting to attract more investment has ruined these guys...good. Someone else will step up and Netflix will adapt or they will become irrelevant. was great to see people stand up and say no. If only we could organize something against M$ who consistently raise their prices...XBL, XBL Arcade titles, windows 7 phone apps, ridiculous points scam...etc. Until another console maker starts making more money and a lot more at that, M$ will continue to push the envelope.

ElementX2552d ago

Well I was never fond of the DVD in the mail thing anyway, but I did get the Netflix steaming a couple months ago for my gaming consoles. I like the service so far. The video quality is excellent even for old shows like Cheers (35 more episodes to go until the finale!)

There's a Blockbuster 3 blocks from my place that has movies starting at $.99/day. I never rent more than a few movies per month anyway, so the Netflix DVD service isn't cost effective for me.

LOGICWINS2552d ago

"Netflix is done...
I think they stepped in it with the ridiculous price hike. The only reason it became popular was because it was relatively cheap and seemed fair...not anymore."

No, most people didn't use the DVD in the mail option. If anything, they're going to get bigger because they're concentrating on want most of their consumers want: Instant streaming

And its STILL CHEAP. Streaming only is still 8 bux a month..just ur not getting the DVD feature included. The price hike doesn't affect most Netflix subscribers since most of them didn't use the DVD in the mail option anyways.

princejb1342552d ago

it would be over for gamefly

SKUD2552d ago

They would have to sell everything at a loss. ATM nothing beats gamefly. Membership discounts + gamefly dollars + there constaint sales = cheap console / hand held games. You can even trade games in now. Netflix needs to focus on there very poor instant streaming catalog.

NukaCola2552d ago

Gamefly is too damn slow with their game rentals. It took a week to turn around with a game, I only got 2 games out of the 8 months I had it, on day one. The lost stuff all the time. I was completely disappointed. I would be very good with Netflix doing game rentals.

ReservoirDog3162552d ago

@ logic

Really? I would've thought the DVD option would be the biggest draw for Netflix. Since the instant movies isn't exactly anything to be proud of (they took most of Akira Kurosawa's movies, which is a sin) and how an awful lot of people still don't have very fast Internet.

Netflix did really shoot themselves in the foot with how they nearly doubled the cost of their service for me. A ridiculous move that leaves me canceling the DVD option, meaning they get less money from me. And most people I know are canceling Netflix outright.

Just hope they get better movies on streaming.

And with games, they'd probably charge $40 a month. Greed. They stole the market from blockbuster and was the king of the world. Then they got greedy. Terrible.

showtimefolks2552d ago

on stream because you have to wait extra to get some newer stuff on gaming consoles and stuff

wasn't there a rumor of them buying gamefly?

i hope they do so the shipping time could be reduced for gamefly

Scary692552d ago

I hope netflix does do a game rental and I hope at a reasonable price. Unlike redbox $2 a night can be expensive to rent a game.

C_Menz2552d ago

Agreed, I cancelled my Netflix recently due to the price hike that is happening soon. I would use streaming only but the selection sucks.

Redgehammer2552d ago

I disagree. 7.99, to me, for streaming seems like a great deal. Netflix has done me right, and they will keep my business.I average about 45 hours per month of netflix usage, which works out to about 18 cents per hour, how is that a bad deal.

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MintBerryCrunch2552d ago

i think GameFly is the bigger fish that Netflix has to worry about, not RedBox

christheredhead2552d ago

do you happen to have gamefly? i tried it out but the service and selection of games was always horrendous. i wonder if its just me or if others are having issues with gamefly. they always take forever to send my games. i wish it was more of a 1 day wait similar to netflix.

MintBerryCrunch2552d ago

my friends have used it and they never had a problem with it,

id rather rent the game from a store personally

RememberThe3572552d ago

I've had gamefly for 2 years. Unless your looking for some seriously niche games they have what your looking for. They have all new releases, and a bunch of older games too. I get games at a massive discount and a 5 dollar coupon every 3 months. And now that they have a shipping center in Seattle my games come a lot faster. I've been very pleased so far.

cjflora2552d ago

Gamely isn't fast, and it can be tough to get newer games, but it's stil way cheaper than buying new or renting anywhere else.

kma2k2552d ago

ive had gamefly for over a year now. Just look up online about how to use the sytem corectly. I have gotten 20+ new release games on realease day from gamefly, just learn to play there system right & its great. I personally love the service. One day service from me to them & one day service from them to me. If you are gonig to get it though get the two game plan or else it isnt worth it.

Redgehammer2552d ago

I have been a member of gamefly for 3.5 years, and it has always done me right. I get great deals on used games from Gamefly, with the keep it option. I get member rewards, stackable coupons, 10% all purchases. I love Gamefly.

Bolts2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Both Gamefly and Netflix have issues with stocking new content regardless of it being games or movies. So should Netflix decide the enter the game rental market space it won't change a thing for the consumer.

I would avoid anything Netflix related now anyways, they have shown that they are incapable of handling success in a competent manner. Their customer satisfaction lately have been totally shit since they managed to eliminate the competition.

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TXIDarkAvenger2552d ago

That would be awesome, though I rather use GameFly.

BeOneWithTheGun2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Agreed. People who complain about the "availability" don't understand that it's based on the seniority. If you put a game in your "GameQ" the day before release, good luck.

I have every game that they show coming out in the next 12 months in my GameQ. So, when release date hits I have had them "Q'd" up for 10 months or more. I NEVER NOT get my game shipped on the Monday before release date.

And being a member for over a year I get 10% off. So, on that Monday when say, Batman AC will be shipped to me, I can click on the purchase button and buy it for $44.00. This is my 10% and the 5 bucks off for being "used". I get the game in 2 days and the booklet and case a couple days later.

They also just opened up a center in Seattle so all us PNW guys don't have the 4 day wait from the Oakland store. I love GameFly and no I do not work for them.


maniacmayhem2552d ago

You basically said what i wanted to say about gamefly.

I preach gamefly to any person who is a serious gamer. Not only do they send you the case when you buy it at a used price but they send you the new case with codes/passes and everything inside.

bacrec12552d ago

Onlive has that on lockdown

metsgaming2552d ago

looked into gamefly but its way to expensive and i hear bad things about selection and time it takes to get a game. With netflix increasing their price 60 percent they better think of adding some games !!!

cjflora2552d ago

At $17/month even if you only beat one game per month you're still ahead $43 vs buying new.

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