BnBGaming Roundtable Discussion: The Big 4: Will Apple Change the Games Industry?

The notorious App Store now hosts over 425,000 apps to download for use on Apple devices and a good number of these are games. With your average title usually costing much less than those found on the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS systems, Apple is offering a very competitive gaming service. But is it on par with the competition in terms of quality? More and more developers such as Gameloft and EA are jumping onto the Apple ship and dedicating hefty budgets and teams to producing titles for the mobile gaming market. The quality of such titles improves by the day, and recent games such as 9mm and Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard are prime examples of this. But will Infinity Blade be the death of Zelda? And is Angry Birds really the new Super Mario Bros.?

As Apple’s popularity continues to grow at a ridiculous pace, Seb, Tom, Chad, and Armand look past the mountains of portable audio players and tablets to discuss one of gaming’s most burning issues: Will Apple change the games industry?

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MintBerryCrunch2526d ago

how many of these articles have we seen?

Apple AFAIK don't have a gaming division within their company, the games that come to the Ipod/Iphone/Ipad can be brought over to other systems, and NO, Angry Birds will not be the next Mario

BnBMartin2526d ago

It's a roundtable discussion, not one long continuous piece. And we don't claim any of the stuff you mention to be true in the piece either.

MintBerryCrunch2526d ago

didn't say it was true, just answered the question that you guys proposed since Angry Birds has no exclusive deal with Apple

honestly with the way Apple price their products, even if they did think of making a console, could you imagine the price tag on the machine

they would tout how they are revolutionizing the games industry by including an HDMI port lol

Laypoof2525d ago

Unless they actually release a home console that will compete with the Big Three, I don't think they'll change the industry as much as them establishing their own little sector...if that makes any sense :)

NanoSoldier2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

PS3, X360 >>>>> Apple (according to Gaming).