Forget BattleField & Modern Warfare, Resistance 3 the FPS you should be talking about

GamerFitNation's BlackBible head the chance to Interview Producer Drew Murray about Resistance 3 The first person shooter you should be talking about. All GamerFitNation hears is Modern Warfare this and Battlefield that, but what about Resistance 3? A game that proved time and time again that it can content in the FPS Market. Resistance is the other War game that put mankind against an alien invasion. Don't get me wrong those other games are huge but Resistance is just as huge as they are. Look if you want the real War experience join the army, but if you want a real gaming experience join the Resistance!

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xtheownerzx2468d ago

resistance 3 is going to be a great game. I'm really looking forward to it.


Yeah Resistance is a great series, I just want people to focus on it more because we need more Troops!

SilentNegotiator2468d ago

It's not even Sunday in Japan, so no.

Does R3 REALLY need such a comparison? It's not a "realistic" modern-borefare title. Nothing like it.

Ravens202468d ago

I didnt really like R2, but R3 caught me by surprise after playing the beta, Def day 1 buy!

The maps are well designed

Blaze9292468d ago

lol 'lettuce be reality' - this is a BF and MW3 competition. Those involved could probably give a damn about another Resistance game. No one is talking about R3. Not a lot.

But I actually liked the single player demo and the first game (hated the 2nd). I'll be picking it up - for the single player. But as far as multiplayer goes in R3 - couldn't care less.

adonis1832468d ago

resistance 3 is Generic Crap Wont sell More dan 500,000

Drake_Seraphim2468d ago

@ adonis183
Wow kid, It's called grammer, punctuation and spelling. These things are crucial if you're trying to convince people that you actually know what you're talking about. Resistance will be great, and sadly it probably won't get the sales that it deserves.

egidem2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Same here. The problem is the amount of games this fall ALONE is ridiculous. There are SO MANY games that I want to play, but I just have a feeling that I would need a lot of time (and money) two things I don't have enough of, in order to satisfy all of them.

Take FPS for example: Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 are bound to consume a lot of time online. And that's just a few of them! Couldn't these game have come sooner rather than all in the same time frame/months??

Ducky2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Uncharted3 isn't an FPS....

... RAGE is though.

egidem2468d ago

Sorry, you're right. It's a TPS. Rage is a must get!

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ilikegam3s2468d ago

Why do i need to forget BF3 and MW3, when I will be getting all these games eventually, including Resistance 3 obviously.

Tru_Ray2468d ago

I too will be purchasing R3, BF3, and eventually MW3. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy all three games without starting an unnecessary flame war.

I think that a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of R3.


Ser2468d ago

You guys are taking the title too seriously...jeez.

Good interview. Can't wait for Resistance 3.


Thank you for getting it!

BeastlyRig2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Nah I'll stick to bf3.. Isn't this 16 player online? It used to be 64 back in the day! What happened?

@Ravens20 smaller maps so I am sure 64 players wouldn't work..

Ravens202468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Too chaotic, I'm in the beta and 16 players is perfect for this game!

@BeastlyRig & R2 had bigger maps, it was still too chaotic. Whats your point? lol

MidnytRain2468d ago

I didn't like R2's competitive multiplayer because I was dying by one of the thirty other players on top of me. R3's multiplayer can be taken seriously as a true skill-based multiplayer game.

EeJLP-2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

"R3's multiplayer can be taken seriously as a true skill-based multiplayer game."

I normally don't do this, but.. LMFAO! What a joke of a statement.

Because turrets are skilled? You know, turrets, that sit there and kill people for you?

Invisibility... skilled? Yeeaaa... No.

I could sit here and list at least 20 different gameplay elements, like the 1hit bodyshot sniper ability, the mobile shield, the bubble shields, the Leapers (killing for you; similar to the turrets), etc. etc.

But to be brief, your statement was a complete joke.

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StarWolf2468d ago

large numbers is overrated. Youll never even see 20+ on screen EVER. Youll see 8 at most. Heck, I prefer 4v4 over 8v8.

HeavenlySnipes2468d ago

you'd actually see everyone on the other team.

MysticStrummer2468d ago

You're wrong. I see more than that onscreen everytime I play MAG, which is still my favorite online FPS this generation. I like the feel of a large battle. If you don't, that's your business.

gamingdroid2468d ago

Either way you will get the dreaded online pass!

I think I will pass on the online pass, thank you very much.

2468d ago
XabiDaChosenOne2468d ago

I see where your coming from bro, just like you passed on paying 60 dollars a year to play games online, oh wait...

gamingdroid2468d ago

I can play online free on my PS3, but I choose to pay for Xbox Live because it has the slickest interface, the community is great and it gets new features all the time that I use. Now I would frown up on Xbox Live as well if all they offered was online gaming for a fee.

That's value added, not value subtracted then resold like online passes. Also, online pass affects Xbox 360 as well so I stay away from all games that has online passes (except for ME).

Sevir042466d ago

From what I understand the online pass comes packaged in every new unopened game you purchase, so those who purchase this game used will prolly end up paying 5-8 bucks via ingame to purchase the online voucher to access this game online, much like most easy titles like dead space 2 and netherrealm's mortal kombat... It's not a big deal. Buy the game new and you get the games full features. When you buy it used well you'll either pony up and shell out money because the debate don't profit off used games.

gamingdroid2466d ago

What if you lend your game to your friend?

I see this as trying to profit from a place that they shouldn't be allowed to, and also restricts my freedom of how I can use the game.

This offers nothing new, but actually takes something away, imposes restrictions and then tries to sell it back.

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