Why I Don't Like Stealth Games

GameXplain Says: "I don't like stealth games. Always have and probably always will. I even loath the stealthy moments in non-stealth games. Remember that mandatory-stealth-induced castle courtyard scene in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Yea, I dreaded it. Anytime there's an automatic fail if you're spotted by enemies would almost always conjure up the most frustrating videogame memories for me. I just hate that feeling when you need to sneak from one bush quickly and quietly to the next whilst having to avoid myriad guards. It just makes me feel unease. While I feel most vulnerable during these moments, in an attempt to progress through these mandatory sections, I assure myself that I can do it and press on..."

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Dash Reindeer2556d ago

A Jurassic park game where you play as a rapture who eats kids would be awesome!

gravemaker2556d ago

i loooove stealth, simply because i dont need to fire for a change

elmaton982555d ago

Yeah me too I like a really good challenge in a game and stealth games are the best.

kneon2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Sometimes I end up firing quite a lot during a stealth segment. For example in Socom 4 I sniped my way out of at least a couple stealth sections. It required getting something like 30+ headshots in a row but that's easier than sneaking around hiding in bushes.

What bugs me about most stealth games is that it requires enemies that are even more stupid, more deaf and more blind than normal, otherwise the game would be impossible to play.

C L O U D2556d ago

"Either that or I just plain suck at videogames..."

Stealth allows me to assess the situation efficiently

Incipio2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Stealth is about the thrill and suspense involved in not being seen and remaining hidden while accomplishing objectives or traversing terrain.

Real gamers appreciate the challenge stealth games offer, and in fact, stealth games are some of the best games in history.

I can still remember the old Xbox demo unit back in 2002 in Wal Mart, tons of kids standing around it and simply staring in amazement at the gameplay and graphics of Splinter Cell.

Yukicore2555d ago

I loved Hitman:Blood Money back in the days, it was just so fun to play! Loved the feeling that someone is looking for you, and you hide in shadows then you kill a guard and you dress up as him, hide the body blend in to your target location and silently assassinate your target

Series_IIa2556d ago

One problem with most stealth games is that the AI is just too dumb or too event scripted and possess xray vision.

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The story is too old to be commented.