Gears of War 3 Will Have ‘Casual Mode’ For Noobs

Gears of War 3 will include a “casual” area for competitive multiplayer which you’ll only be able to access if you haven’t played GoW 1 or 2. Anyone with Gears 2 or Gears 1 achievements, or who played in the beta, will be locked out of casual mode.

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X_iGame_X2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Why do i have a feeling that this isn't gonna work? Gamer's that have played 100's of hours of 3rd person and FPS games but haven't played GoW will be able to access this mode and well...headshot...

Well, it's good to see that they wanna try help new gamers to the franchise. Some might even go far as deleting their saved files to whip some noobs.

MintBerryCrunch2402d ago

FPS and TPS, 2 totally different beasts

i personally find playing MP in a TPS game much harder yet much more rewarding when i get a kill

Sub4Dis2402d ago

clearly you've never sniped the pilot of a helicopter in bad company 2.


Im gonna delete my gears 1 and 2 files...I love killing noobs :D

Zack_Fair2402d ago

You can't delete your achievements.

Blaze9292402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

well, if they had matchmaking that actually worked - they wouldn't have to worry about stuff like this. I'm not sure about any other game but I do not understand why Bungie are the only develpers (to my knowledge) who understands what matchmaking is and how it works.

Halo 3 and Halo Reach, whatever rank you are - that's the kind of people you get matched up with. Rank 1, you play with people around rank 1. Rank 40, you play with people around rank 40.

I don't understand why in games, a Lvl 2 should be placed in the same game as lvl 40s for example. That kind of stuff just irritates me. For Gears specifically - because they are usually placed on my team and I'm like...ulgh, we already lost.

gamingdroid2402d ago

Halo's matchmaking might be among the best out there, but it is by far not accurate. I get matched with people that are far too good when I first started playing Halo 3.

Because Xbox Live accounts require a fee (except the 30-day trial), it reduces the likelyhood you will meet good players by a lot so I think it is a good idea.

likedamaster2402d ago


"I get matched with people that are far too good..."

You've most likely been playing social matches. Ranked games is where you get matched with your level of skill.

Inside_out2402d ago

People will just delete their Gears information...O_o...I mean the chance to chainsaw as well as practice all the new moves on the noobs will be too great for many. :D

Epic is trying too hard to be everything to everyone. It's a Nobel cause but in the end, anytime you join a pre-existing game you have to go through the ranks like everybody else and you should expect that.

When you start to change a game, it's characters and the game play for a segment of the demographic that might not even play for very long, you risk alienating your true core gamers.

Make the tutorial in depth. Offer clear and precise information and get the fanbase involved and make it a community thing. That should help but in the's trial by fire.

milliniumstylz2402d ago

i doubt people are willing to go through all that trouble.. you will have to erase your entire gamertag info.. and if you played the beta which most people have, then you erase all your skins, badges and so on.. they might be a few playing on alternative names but not as many as you think..

gamingdroid2402d ago

If you get any achievement at all on Gears 1 or 2, you don't get to play in the casual mode.

The only way around this is to create an entirely new gamertag so to delete the savegame is useless unless you never got an achievement, in which case you probably didn't play it much.

Pretty sound strategy to me!

ThePhuq2402d ago

If it's anything like Halo's beginner gametype, after X amount of levels, you won't be able to access the mode anymore. So even pro's will only get slight joy out of it.

YoMeViet2402d ago

Aw right now my grandma can practice using the chainsaw on 12 yr olds online.


I thought the double barrel pretty much made the most veteran gears get down on there knees and beg for mercy. They cried like babies when it was revealed and will be crying like babies when someone pulls the trigger! Noob or no Noob lol! Casual mode is not needed. Just pull out the Double B and kiss those veterans goodbye LMAO!

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