Capcom: Hold On To Your Marvel vs Capcom 3 Save Data

With Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hitting less than a year after Marvel vs Capcom 3 at a lower price, fans that bought MvC3 may feel like they’ve thrown $60 down the drain. During a live video feed from Comic-Con, Producer Ryota Niitsuma addressed this issue and more.

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dericb112493d ago

If you had SFIV and bought SSFIV you gave you free colors.
So you have to wonder what they mean by special surprise.

Happythedog2493d ago

No Gene on this list............ Whack.

Quagmire2493d ago

"Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Niitsuma states that if the game sells well, they will respond to fan requests for more content."

Yep, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Arcade Edition confirmed.

ps3alldayeveryday2492d ago

So true. lol. This gen has truly brought the GREED out of these companies.

I'ma be pissed if the surprise is only more colors for the costumes. I'm just gonna get this game used later on, I don't want them to get my money.

9thWonder2490d ago

BS all they plan to do if have Mega Man as DLC thats like what $5 people are going to have to pay just to have him in the game????? who says that he isnt on the game already before launch the game isnt finished ya know