Dead Island - SDCC 11: Take the Beach Walkthrough (Cam)

Key features, zombie killing and melee action as you take the beach in this walkthrough.

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Paradicia2523d ago

This game got a lot of hate on here when the first gameplay videos were released. It's not a traditional first person game, its doing something different within the zombie-verse and I respect that. The CQC aspect is really cool.

_LarZen_2523d ago

You aint alone on that one Daz...not alone :)

Inside_out2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

It looks like it's being played on 360, at least they are using a 360 gaming pad. Tropical

The one thing tho, it's tough to get truly scared, at least for me, when the sun is so bright and there are beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and straw huts around. :/

Zombies and darkness go hand in hand. looks promising. Very much like L4D, some might say a bit to much like it.

This game kinda looks like it could be a Kinect game. If they figure out how to navigate, which shouldn't be to hard, it would work quite well.

Miiikeyyy2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

EVERY zombie game is dark. Dead Island is doing something new, It's putting the zombies in the blazing heat of a tropical island. Besides, there will be creepy moment where you'll have to explore dark rooms or sewers

@Wolfie I completely forgot about dead rising

Wolfie2523d ago

not every zombie game is dark, Dead Rising for example :)

neonlight452522d ago

It looks like it is going to be good to start of fall gaming

opinska2520d ago

open world, sandbox, and zombie game? COUNT ME INN!