Mass Effect Movie Said to Destroy Poor Game-to-Film Trend

"Earlier today during the San Diego Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures, the studio behind Inception, Batman Begins, and many other great films, held a panel to speak briefly on their upcoming game-to-film venture with Mass Effect."

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Nick2120042557d ago

I sure hope Mass Effect doesn't turn into another game-to-film disaster.

rabidpancakeburglar2557d ago

It probably will, they almost always do.

BeOneWithTheGun2557d ago

Who will play the protagonist?

Ducky2557d ago

^ You get to pick who plays the actor at the start of the film.
Then you wear these special glasses that photoshop the actor's face onto Shepard for each frame.

DavidMacDougall2557d ago

I liked Silent Hill .... *runs

Tony P2557d ago

Silent Hill generally seems to be acknowledged as one of the few game-to-film adaptations that isn't total crap.

I enjoyed it too.

BeOneWithTheGun2557d ago

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was pretty damn good for a Hack N Slash.

IaMs122557d ago

Well thats because it was book>movie>game, not the other way.

Jobesy2557d ago

Resident Evil anyone?

WhiteLightning2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Is this going to be a animation film or live action...because if it's live action get Matthew Fox to play Shepard...please

Hellsvacancy2557d ago

Matthew Fox? lol your a funny guy

TheDivine2557d ago

No way i think they need a woman for shephard. I think just as many people used a female. For me it will be be odd seing a guy shephard. Idk i associate mss efeect with her, thats the best part i guess all of our characters were so different. They will have a hard time keeping all of us happy but just make the best damn sci-fi movie thats true to the game and it'l do fine. I cant wait for 3.

tmanmushroom2557d ago

Uncharted, now Mass effect?!?! Developers, just please make a good movie by playing the game first!

lzim2557d ago

not half as important as expanding the franchise into film(s) and eventually television. that audience doesn't give a shit about the game or ultra slow elevators.

It has to be VERY good to make a dent in the sci-fi movie realm, better than all that JJ Abrams flashy action packed sexy stuff and Joss Whedon flashy action packed sexy and smart stuff..

ZeroChaos2557d ago

I hope so. I really really hope so.

Bay2557d ago

Thing with a Mass Effect movie is that, it'll be hard to please everyone as the game wasn't only paragon or only renegade...I hope they manage to resolve this issue, as I personally love renegade Shep, and others like paragon Shep. Maybe a mix of both?

Or....neutral Shepard? His only response is "I do not have any feelings one way or another. I should go"

Solidus187-SCMilk2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I like the shpeard that is mostly one way, with a little of the other. Either way, overall I think they are both good because they are saving alot of people. An example is sometime you do a renegade thing and it saves someones life, or do the paragon choice and piss someone off.

My shepard helps good people and is mostly paragon, but I just kill people who get in my way without hesitation and do the evil choice if it makes my job easier when dealing with bad guys. I dont like to be all one way because I like to decide to do what I think is best in each situation regardless of if its the paragon or renegade.

Either paragon or renegade are overall heroes, one is just more ruthless. Its not like renegade shepard can join the reapers and kill everyone(would be cool if that y put that in there)

In the movie he would have to be overall paragon mostly I think, but I hope he has some renegade ruthlessness as well. Like my shepard who is a paragon, but does cool renegade stuff all the time like punch that reporter woman in the face, shoot the explosive pipes while the enemies are talking to avoid wasting ammo and pretend every store on the citadel in his favorite so he can get all the discounts(not a renegade thing really, but its not honest of him).

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