Unreal 'Hasn't Gotten Attention it Deserves,' admits Epic

Unreal Tournament III on PS3 back in 2007 (2008 for 360) was the last time we saw a major release in Epic's Unreal franchise. Fans have been patiently waiting as the North Carolina-based studio continued to pump its resources into the blockbuster Gears of War trilogy, which concludes this holiday season. But what's next? Will Epic return to the franchise that shares its name with the company's middleware business? Judging by recent comments, we think there's a good chance.

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donniebaseball2373d ago

Woot! Bring on more Unreal Tournament!

Inside_out2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I think it would be a waste of resources to make another arena style game...the marketplace has passed that style of gaming by.

If you look what popular now it's COD and that style of game play. Unreal hasn't really been very successful in that FPS realm. Cliffy B is always talking about what makes COD popular...why don't they take a stab at the demographic.

Make a Gears Of war FPS. This time make it exclusive to the 360 where the hardcore controller and hardcore demographic live...they don't want another Bulletstorm catastrophe...O_o

donniebaseball2373d ago

I don't think I'd like Gears as FPS. Part of what makes it special to me is the third-person over the shoulder view on the character and battles.


@inside_out....Im speechless.

FlashXIII2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Wow just WoW.. please don't talk about the marketplace with just ignorant console kiddies in mind. Gears of war FPS? Jebus christ HELL NO! Also arena style fps games? Wanna know how well they're doing? Go ask the Quake Live developers.

kevnb2373d ago

if they made something like ut 2004 with todays pc tech it would sell like crazy... they would have to drop consoles though. Or atleast prioritize pc like dice has, but I dont think they are smart enough to see the potential for it. Make the game and the gamers will come, the game doesnt work on console very well so deal with pc. They could make an e-sport out of it with no competition, serious fps gaming just isnt the same without keyboard and mouse.

Sugreev20012373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Next you'll want games like God Of War,Grand Theft Auto in FPS.Really,I love FPS games as much as the next guy...but your comment is just plain ol' stupid.

Gears series is popular because it's a TPS,and it pays special attention to that style by incorporating it in other elements...some of which are just not possible in the FPS genre.I can't even imagine how the roadie run could look like in first person view.

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AstroZombie12373d ago

Still UT99 making damn sure I never lose it love the game and always will first game that got me into online gaming.

thehitman2373d ago

I bought UT3 for PS3 gameplay was fantastic graphics were great BUT it felt like a half put together game. Online mode was cheapily done and the singleplayer was pretty dull to put it in the best way. If they commit to making a full fledge game lot of features clan support match making rank system etc.. it could be a better game.

air12373d ago

If I remember right unreal doesn't have a story. I like at least a decent story, I really don't like games that's just strictly online, I just feel ripped off for some reason. But hey sell it at 30 or 40 and I might try it.

Foxgod2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Well, not a deep story, but the story was about a prison ship inmate, crash landing on an alien planet.
It was the setting of the planet itself that set Unreal apart from the rest.

air12373d ago

Ohh I remember that part now but not the whole story. How long was the story, for some reason I felt ripped off when I got the game, but I can be confusing it with another. I guess you can tell I never got into the game.

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