Digimon World Being Developed by Tri-Crescendo

Andriasang: What's next from the developer of Eternal Sonata, Fragile and Blue Dragon DS? Namco Bandai revealed today that Tri-Crescendo, the studio behind all those games, is developing Digimon World Re: Digitize for PSP.

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Chuvanes2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

make it like digimon world 1 plz

Kur02554d ago

I liked DW3 better. DW1 was kind of a mess even though it was a lot of fun as a kid. DW3 was an amazing RPG.

CrescentFang2555d ago

That's what they're aiming for...
Quote from another article on andriasang:
"The first post reveals that the concept for the game is a "return to the origins," in reference to the first 1999 Digimon World game. Re:Digitize is a completely new title but will inherit the basic game systems from the original. This is apparently being done because the original has received the most praise amongst fans compared to the various Digimon World games that followed."
The DS games were fun, but at some points it felt kind of strange... I didn't get that battle breeding one where you can't control your digimon, I hope Namdai releases this in the states, we've missed out on 2 digimon games for the DS already and it's been a few years since their release (not sure about Xros Wars though...)

Oxymoron0282555d ago

Hopefully they make it more clear with the evolution side of things as well.

So many times did I look after my Digimon only to end up with fuckin turdmon -_-

HeavenlySnipes2555d ago

Don't let him shit on the floor then. If you do, it digivolves into Nuemon. I personally think that you should be able to pick one of the 4-5 digi destined digimon to start off with.

Oh and the actually digivolve into their correct evolution. I don't want Augumon to turn into Tyranomon....

Oxymoron0282554d ago

I was really careful with my digimon, but every so often I'd get caught out and he'd be miles away from the nearest shitter right when he needed one most. Swear he planned it.

StarWolf2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

what about the 3ds? pleasee ...we want to play it too ..

PsycheMax2555d ago

Well, you know, all over the world anyone remembers Pokèmon, not Digimon. ;)

But if they make it for 3DS, they'll sell like crazy! :D