Casey Hudson Talks Mass Effect Movie

Ben Reeves from writes: During a Legendary Pictures panel at San Diego Comic-Con, BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson let loose a few tidbits about the upcoming Mass Effect film.

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rabidpancakeburglar2377d ago

I hope that the guy playing shepard is default shepard and not custom shepard

Quagmire2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

lmfao, custom Shephard. That would mean they could cast anyone.

But if they were to replicate Default, Mathew Fox will be the best choice.

Or they could shock the world over by having FemShep

vortis2377d ago

If it's low-budget they'll do shock value and go custom fem Shepard so they can toss in a tactless lesbian scene.

If it's big budget, I would love to see Dominic Purcell or Matthew Fox as the lead.

BeOneWithTheGun2376d ago

Sam Worthington (Jake Sully from avatar) would be my pick.

beastgamer2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

it would be awesome if Mark Vanderloo who model shephard was playing as him in the movie, but he is old and he probably has no acting skills Mathew Fox is a good choice indeed

Cpt_kitten2377d ago

is it gonna be streamlined so more people can understand what is going on? sorry bioware you lost sight of what made you great, your solid RPGs with excellent stories

tigertron2377d ago

I really don't want them to bother, I'd rather they focus on the anime - a series would be great!

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