EA Sports Exec: Gamers won't be paying $60 for games

Nobody liked having to pay $60 for games when this generation of consoles started, but we've gotten used to it. That might not always be the case says Andrew Wilson, senior VP of worldwide development at EA Sports.

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GunofthePatriots2498d ago

I'd rather have a hard copy of the game but if this means cheaper games, sign me up.

$60 is way too much money, especially when developers are abusing DLC(ahemcapcomahem).
Some developers don't even release a full product because they know they can go back and patch it at a later date. This alone makes some games not worth the price tag.

dangert122497d ago

It depends how good the 'core game' is and what it features

evrfighter2497d ago

they must have cashed their check from Valve and left the bank stuttering.

Xilef2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

60$ is cheap. I have to pay 69,99€(almost 100$) for a new game in Finland and sometimes even 74,99€(over 100$)in my local Gamestop. God bless steam for their cheap PC games.

RedSky2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

That's a pipe dream.

Publishers aren't going to voluntarily reduce their game price even when DLC starts taking up more and more of development time. They're going to continue to sell the core game as a product but simply give less and expect you to buy more later. They will simply continue to market it as 'added features' and consumers to accept it.

Let's be realistic, when have new release games ever gone down in price? Now that they know AAA games can go for $60, there ain't any foreseeable reason for them to give ground.

The trends we notice here aren't going to be noticed by joe sixpack who'll see the latest CoD9 for $80 and go "THAT! I WANT THAT NOAWWWW!".

DaTruth2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

We use to pay $79.99 in Canada for games since NES and SMS days! Even the first Phantasy Star was $100 game!

It's only since the rapid devaluation of the US dollar that we get games for $60! They don't want to tell you, but developers aren't charging more money; your money is just worth way less. By all historical currency measures, they are actually charging you less for games! That is why they started charging more for COD in Britain; the British Pound has lost a third of its value against all other currencies except US, which also lost a third of its value!

Edit: Hell no do I want all downloadable games! If for some reason yo can no longer afford internet and something happens to your data/PS3, you can't get your games back. Even if your PS3 dies and your HDD is fine, they won't let you put it in a new PS3! Physical copies can easily just be inserted in a new PS3 or taken to a friends house or even sold!

RedSky2497d ago

It only happens in some markets, have a look at how much games go for in ausland:

And FYI, the aus dollar is worth more than the US at the moment, ie were paying more than double.

DaTruth2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Same thing would happen in Canada, but because of NAFTA, they can't screw us over like they can to the Aussies! America's petrol dollar allows America to distort the value of their dollar, so it is worth more than its actual currency value; You literally can't buy oil without American dollars! It's kind of like a racket in that way!

Americans pay less for imports than anyone else because countries need those US dollars to buy oil and NAFTA lets Canadians pay the same for imports! Saddam Hussein threatened to sell oil for Euros when the oil for food program expired... we all know what happened next!

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Vega752498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

i was all for games to be downloaded to my HDD. but after my account got locked on steam and my games got locked until i could prove that my identity. i just rather have the disk

dangert122497d ago

this is true maybe. they should not be allowed to ban accounts just disconnect them from the service but allow content to be kept?

Incipio2497d ago

Of course they won't charge 60 dollars anymore, publishers will just charge less initially, give you less of a game, and then charge you for tons of DLC that will actually complete the game and make it worth playing =/

Sarobi2497d ago

Even if the games become cheaper that doesn't mean we are guaranteed to get 100% of the game we paid for, there will always be DLC that puts pieces of the game together, we just need to be aware of such thing

divideby02497d ago

I have not paid 60 bucks for a game this year.
If they are not on sale, I just wait one week and they can be had for 50 or less.

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