Mass Effect 3 "not the last of Mass Effect" -- BioWare

TVGB: "BioWare marketing director David Silverman has ended the speculation and wordplay once and for all; there will be more Mass Effect in our future."

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RedDead2434d ago

Oh for F*** sake, leave it in the dust, please make an Rpg your priority again. Even a Sci fi one again if you must. Bioware are good with Rpg's, they're inexperienced with TPS. ME ditched Rpg and tried Tps. But the Tps aspect isn't good.

MrSpace2434d ago

Thermal Clips made it more like a TPS

They are crap and only really usefull if your a Soldier Class or go in guns blazing. I never once used my squad mates or even my biotics because I could shoot and kill everything without waiting for my gun to cool down.

GunofthePatriots2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I found it funny how the technology regressed. They go from 'unlimited ammo' to 'clips'.
Having guns overheat gave off a more sci fi, futuristic feel.

Blacktric2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


Oh for f*** sake stop making the same crappy comment to every goddamn Mass Effect 3 article. You don't know anything about what makes an RPG an RPG yet you keep bitching about how Mass Effect is not one in every article. Being able to make small and big scale choices is the reason that you call a game an RPG. Just because its focused on action doesn't mean it's not an RPG.


You also don't know what are you talking about. How the hell adding thermal clips into the game makes it more like a TPS? Is this a joke? So since those make biotics and other abilities "useless" to you, it makes the game less of an RPG?

There's nothing "funny" about it. Some, maybe most people might find the change better since you don't have to wait for cooldown and reload only takes around 1 second. It's not a big deal like some make it ought to be.

For the love of God all of these Mass Effect haters on N4G, for just f*cking ONCE, have your own goddamn opinion. Every article it's the same, Mass Effect is not an RPG, it sucks because they made it into TPS, Bioware is a sellout company bla bla bla. There's always some sh*tty fad that keeps happening and there're tons of sheep on N4G that keeps following it. This year, it's hating games like Call Of Duty and Mass Effect. Pathetic.

WhiteLightning2434d ago

I agree Thermal Clips made it feel like every other Third Person Shooter. I never really used my biotics and team mates as much since in the first game it had you using them as your guns cooled down. It took a little bit of strategy as well because you had to decide what enemy to take out first, which one after to use biotics on and what team mates biotic you wanted to use while your gun cooled down. It made evey battle seem differen't and fresh. ME2 was just like "Oh look a fight", Bang Bang Bang <reload> Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang, fights over rinse and repeat.

@Blacktric: "You also don't know what are you talking about. How the hell adding thermal clips into the game makes it more like a TPS"

Maybe because adding thermal clips made it sway more on the tps side of things. The Biotics and team mates biotics were kind of useless when you could find a load of ammo and win fights based on that AND the fact that most classes could use guns that they couldn't use in ME. We get it you love ME but let people share there points without blasting them because of it.

MrSpace2434d ago


Shut the f*ck up you immature prick

Blacktric2434d ago


I am not against people who share their negative thoughts about Mass Effect but if they do it like the way RedDeadDestroyer does, I'll answer them the same way. They keep saying the same crap since mid 2010; Mass Effect isn't an RPG, it's a TPS bla bla bla. Enough! If you're calling a game like Mass Effect a shooter, then you obviously have problems or just like getting on the "let's hate this" fad wagon like most people do without having a clue.

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Tony P2434d ago

Hey, why not.

Tbh, these initial RPGs have disappointed me in their inability to stick to the genre. I like Mass Effect, but what I don't like is a series morphing mid-season.

If they want to make an action game, MAKE AN ACTION GAME. If they want to make an RPG, don't start funneling out RPG elements because you want more money.

rabidpancakeburglar2434d ago

Kinda figured with the invasion on earth that it would be.

Raendom2434d ago

I want Mass Effect Origins that takes place hundreds of years before Shephard existed. Maybe when the Mass Effect systems were being worked with. Citadel in it's early stages or maybe a new universe all together.

Mass Effect is my second favorite Sci-Fi universe ever, after Star Wars.

TheDivine2434d ago

Yes i want to have a prequel game about the the prometheans. I know part one covered what happened (uncovering the story was the best part of the whole series) but it was so interesting and deserves to be told in full. There are so many sidestories to be told. I agree that me is right up there with star wars, only reason i like star wars more is prob nostalgia. I welcome more mass effect and where the f is kotor 3 and jade empire 2? Those were 2 of the best series ever.

49erguy2434d ago

prometheans lol. Yeah, I've always been mystified by the protheans as well. For PS3 pnly gamers that may not have played ME1, it even says that Prothean technology was based off of an even earlier race. I'm sure Bioware didn;t just say that for nothing . It'll all come to head in ME3 or like your good idea, a prequel.

Nate-Dog2434d ago

Not really a surprise, MMO, other side-stories or spin-offs of current characters or just a continued story down the line or something, perhaps even a prequel with something like the first contact war could even happen perhaps, there's a lot of room for manoevre there.

Just wait until then to throw in a pointless multiplayer mode and don't waste more of your current time trying to stuff it into ME3 wasting more time you could be spending working on the important thing in the series.

Laypoof2434d ago

Honestly they should end it as a trilogy

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