EA’s Position On Future Of Gaming: Why They’ll Win

Nave360's Cryss writes:

"Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Sports Vice President Wilson spoke of the future of purchasing video games, stating that the day will come when we stop going to Game and Gamestop, claiming it is important for retailers to understand what customers want for the future.

EA’s direct download service Origin is the future that they are discussing of course. This would come about from EA using exclusives such as Battlefield 3 as bartering chips to drag customers to Origin. This can be showcased through their purchase of Popcap games, by drawing a fan base to Origin through exclusives they cut out retailers, meaning EA get access to 100% of the profits."

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chak_2523d ago

Well yeah, that's quite some time already PC gamers moved to digital.

Didn't buy a DVD game for years, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

About origin they indeed won't take over steam, but they'll sure grab some share with BF3 (which is required for battlelog) and SWTOR.

That's clever from a marketing standpoint. Installed origin a few days ago, 80mo in memory (60 steam), friend list, game list... Quite much like steam, nothing really wrong. I don't like much EA, but they did a good job.

Kran2523d ago

Origin isnt actually required for The Old Republic.

Those who buy it from Origin will have to use it.

Those who buy a hard copy wont need to.

Which to be honest, EA/Bioware are doing a collectors edition, so how the heck are they going to do digital distributions with the hard copy stuff you get in collectors edition like statues?

chak_2523d ago

Digital edition is origin exclusive as far as I know